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Iberico di Cebo de Campo Ham

Discover the new flavour of the Iberico Cebo de Campo ham, simply delicious!

With Enrique Tomás you can also try the new Iberico de Cebo de Campo Ham, or the old Recebo Iberian Ham, whose name changed in 2014. You have the pleasure of eating an Iberian ham that has been fed on the farm and in freedom with the care and affection of the master ham specialist to give maximum performance to an exclusive product for its intense and juicy flavor. Our Iberico de cebo de campo ham is, as all our ham pieces, guaranteed to enjoy a product of the highest quality and in this case at a very reasonable price. If you haven't tried it yet, you'll be pleasantly surprised. It is an intermediate step between the same Iberico de cebo as ever and the Iberico bellota ham. We invite you to discover it!

Cebo de Campo 50% Iberian Ham - Sachet 80 gr

€13.80 €13.80

Cebo de Campo 50% Iberian Ham - Selection

€295.00 €295.00

Christmas hamper with iberico cebo de campo ham

€360.00 €360.00

Iberian cebo de campo ham cubes -80g

€6.50 €6.50

Iberian cebo de campo Jamón-ham cubes -400 g

€26.00 €26.00

Iberian cebo de campo Jamón-ham shavings 100 g

€6.50 €6.50

Iberian cebo de campo Jamón-Ham shavings -400 g

€26.00 €26.00
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