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Buy Iberico de Cebo Ham

If you want to buy a quality Iberian ham, but at a more affordable price, you should buy the Iberian cebo ham / Jamón ibérico de cebo. This is an Iberian ham/Jamón Ibérico, from a 100% Iberian mother crossed with a non-Iberian pig. It is reared on a farm, where its fattening process and feed are exhaustively controlled. Although there are different types of Jamón Ibérico, in Enrique Tomás we believe that the most important thing is to select the "top quality" in each case, so in our shops -both physical and online- you will find the best selected hams in each of the categories.

Frequent questions

What types of Iberian ham are there and how are they classified?

Is Jamón Ibérico specific to the Iberian Peninsula or can it be made in other parts of the world?

Why buy Jamón de cebo ibérico at Enrique Tomás?

How to identify Enrique Tomás Jamón de cebo Ibérico?

Should I buy whole (bone-in) or sliced Iberian cebo ham?

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