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What a joy a Christmas hamper gives!

The Christmas hamper is a wonderful surprise for those who receive it, but also for those who offer it when they see the reaction of happiness it brings, especially if it contains a Jamón (ham) or a Paleta (ham shoulder) of Enrique Tomás.

It is a tradition that these hampers are given by the employers to their employees or to their customers as a thank you for their dedication and loyalty respectively. But, anyone to whom we really want to thank "being there", when we need it most, is the perfect recipient of such a gift. Tell him/her without words!



In Enrique Tomás' Christmas Hampers you will be able to choose between different prices and qualities determined by whether they have Paleta (ham shoulder) or Jamón (ham) and by their quality. This way you will be able to find:



Every time we are asked to give someone a gift, if we know them well, we think about what they would like or what they might need, but both are not easy tasks. Maybe someone already thought about it before and gave it to them or they already have it. It is difficult to give a gift, especially if we want to really surprise and even better if we want to be original. That's why here we offer you some different ideas for lovers of gastronomy and especially of jamón/ham and Iberian products. With any of them you will achieve both goals: surprise and delight the most demanding palate. You can choose between:

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Our Travel packs are practical packs of machine-sliced Paleta (ham shoulder) or Jamón (ham), and vacuum-sealed by our slicing experts. You will find them in both Jamón/ham and paleta/ham shoulder packs of almost all qualities available. Everything is packed in a case that is ideal for travelling or for easy transport anywhere, and is very practical for giving away as well

Pieces and qualities within these packs:


These packs are ideal for trying a Jamón/ham without buying it whole, but with almost a kilo of ham (980 gr) as it has a total of 12 sachets of ham cut and vacuum packed. You get it much better than if you buy the sachets separately and also have 2 bags of Picos Sevillanos (Breadsticks) 25 gr and a bottle of red wine to go with it. So, in a pack you have everything to make a nice tasting! or to make a special gift without spending too much.

Pieces and qualities of the SAVING PACK:


As an alternative to Christmas Hampers, there are always the whole bone-in pieces that you can buy for yourself or as a gift. You can choose from many options and prices: Gran Reserva, Ibérico de cebo, Iberico de cebo de campo, Bellota 50% Ibérico and Bellota 100% Ibérico. All of them are the best on the market in their category and quality, and the quality/price ratio is excellent. And, remember! At Enrique Tomás our pieces are all guaranteed with our triple quality control and guarantee seal.

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