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We have reached autumn and the last quarter once again, and with it, the most important holidays of the year to celebrate with employees..., customers, family and friends. This year at Enrique Tomás we have taken great care to offer you an extensive catalog with the best options for buying Christmas baskets with Spanish Jamón/ham and much more, as it could not be otherwise. You will find baskets, boxes and Christmas packs with a wide range of prices, but all of the highest quality, without sacrificing anything and for all tastes and budgets.

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Christmas baskets with Spanish Jamón/ham

We have all the Christmas baskets with each of the Jamón/paleta (Ham and shoulder) pieces available, as protagonist and of all the types that we have for sale: Gran Reserva, de cebo 50% Iberico , de cebo de campo 50% ibérico, bellota 50% Iberico and bellota 100% iberico or popularly know as Pata Negra (only the 100% ibérico can have this denomitation). Of course, much more: a variety of cured meats, “turron” -nougat, wine and cava. Everything you need to celebrate the most wonderful time of the year! nothing is missing.

Gran Reserva

De cebo 50% ibérico

De cebo de campo 50% ibérico

De bellota 50% ibérico

De bellota 100% ibérico

Pieces / Bone-in

Obviously a bone-in whole piece, as an individual and unique gift, what a great gift!. Ofering a bone in piece as a gift for someone who likes Spanish Jamón is undoubtedly a sure bet of maximum joy for the recipient. Just by seeing their excited faces, their gratitude is assured. Choose the piece you want and the range you want from our catalog...

Gran Reserva

De cebo 50% ibérico

De cebo de campo 50% ibérico

De bellota 50% ibérico

De bellota 100% ibérico

Original gifts with ham

If you do not want to buy a whole basket or a whole piece, here you will find many ideas in the form of an edible book (yes, you read that right), ideal as a gift both for those who are Jamón lovers and for those who know nothing or very little but would enjoy it, because they will learn a lot... packs with or without wine, various tastings... a whole range of possibilities at your disposal.

Ham Tasting

If you want to give a gastronomic experience as a gift, we have the option of giving a Jamón/ham tasting of three qualities, our vertical tasting, or if you want to give a tribute to someone special you can do it with the tasting of 100% Iberian Acorn-fed Ham (Jamón de Bellota 100% Ibérico), with the 4 origins and flavors of the best Jamón in the world. And a very special tasting, because it is online and fully commented and guided live by our specialists once a month, if you are looking for the perfect gift for a jamón lover and you want to leave him or her speechless. (This ham tasting in only for national shipping available)

Piece already sliced in “No te cortes” or travel pack format

This is how we call these packs of Jamón/ham or paleta/shoulder previously boned, sliced and vacuum packed by our expert slicers. Ideal as a gift, especially for those who don't like to cut, don't master the technique or don't have the right accessories. And always with the advantage of being able to consume jamón for a long time and whenever you feel like it. You will also find our entire range available.


The packs can also be original gifts, kits very adaptable in budget, boxes of mixed flavors with Jamón and cured meats. To make a gift with Jamón and make surely an impact, with elegant and exclusive Enrique Tomás formats.

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Buy our Iberian Ham

If you want to share with the family, make an original gift or simply enjoy, buying Jamón Iberico Bellota is always an option. For this reason, both in our stores and in the new Enrique Tomás online shop, you can easily and quickly purchase the best Jamón in the world in all formats: whole pieces, comfortable packs and sliced in vacuum packed bags, both the popular Jamón Serrano and the famous Jamón Pata Negra.

What do we have to offer in Enrique Tomás?

Well, nothing less than the best Iberian hams, with the assurance that they have been taken care of from the first moment by our expert ham who do not want to sell, but who want to share the passion for one of the flagship products of our country, the Iberian ham.

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