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Christmas Hampers

There is no Christmas without Ham!

The Spanish Jamón is a typical Christmas product and it is very common to consume it during the Christmas Eve dinner, the lunch of December 25 or New Year’s Day, because its flavour is so exquisite that it cannot be missing at any table. In Enrique Tomás we have, in addition to the best Hams on the market, Christmas Hampers available to offer and share these special days; you and your beloved ones are going to delight in eating this exquisite delicacy! Traditionally these Christmas hampers, also known as Christmas baskets, have been used by companies as a thank you treat to offer to their most loyal workers or clients. Needless to say, there is no excuse to be found to give it to a family member or a friend. You will be surprised how much they will appreciate it!  What is the common denominator of all these Christmas Hampers? The Jamón, obviously; However, some of our packs are also made up of ham shoulders or Iberian dry-cured meats.

Eat and enjoy these special days without a moment of remorse!

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