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About Us

Enrique Tomás, a self-made company

It all began about 40 years ago, when Enrique Tomás the businessman, started his first business: a stall in the “La Salut” market in Badalona. From there, to get the more than 100 stores that are currently inside and outside Spain, we have travelled a road full of dreams, effort and hard work.

With the same objective of the first day, that of showing the world how to call our king product, by its true name, Jamón. Enrique Tomás works with passion and humility because we know that it is an ambitious objective, but, to put the Jamón Ibérico in the place it deserves within the gastronomic jewels of the world, is practically a duty.

If you ask us about the success of the company, we focus on the fact that, at Enrique Tomás, the quality of the products is as important as the team in charge of selling them. Without the wonderful human team we have, fulfilling our objective this would be an impossible task.


"If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together”

Our objective: Let the world know how it is called, Jamón

Staff: The heart of our company

The Key to Success: Quality + Trust + Customer Service

What makes us different: The extraordinary illusion that we put in the work all of us who are part of this great house.


Triple Selection Process - Quality Enrique Tomás

Enrique Tomás is the largest Jamón chain in the world and one of the aspects that has allowed us to achieve this, it is our clear principle of guaranteed quality. We have developed a team of professionals who take care of the product from the “secadero” (cellar) to your home.

In Enrique Tomás every product is pampered from the beginning, we surround ourselves with Jamón artisans and producers who share our passion. When we speak of triple selection process, we refer to the three basic phases of treatment of each of the hams and ham shoulders that carry the Enrique Tomás label. The first selection is made directly with the producers, then a second one when the product arrives to our warehouse and finally, a third revision just before sending it to you for your enjoyment.

Our most important task is that all our customers live an experience every time they eat Jamón, so we never get tired of saying that "Jamón is not a food, it is a feeling".


Jamón in all formats

In all our stores you will find all types of jamón available and in all possible formats. This immense variety helps us to offer the perfect product, because the best jamón is the one you like the most.

For you don't miss the jamón in your house, we offer a whole range of Iberian products in the most comfortable and practical formats that you can find in the market.

Vacuum packed sachets: sachets containing 80 grams of the best Iberian products. The amount is ideal for you to enjoy both ham and ham shoulder or sausages at their right point, without the fear of not eating it in time so they get dry. An unbeatable way to encourage you to try a product without having to buy large quantities.

Packs: different savings packs and "travel " packs in which you will not only find a way to save, but you will have the security of having at home all the Iberian ham or ham shoulder you want in comfortable vacuum packs to be consumed at your speed and whim. In addition, we also have other very original packs for you to make the best gifts with jamón.

Boneless piece: if you have your own slicing machine at home, we offer you the possibility to buy the best Jamón Ibérico, boned by our professional team, so that you can finish slicing yourself, in the comfort of your home.

Whole piece: for the experts and lovers of jamón ibérico, nothing better than a good leg of jamón at home to cut, eat and share. Enjoy all its flavor like a jamón artist.

Our stores

What started with a small stall in the Salut market is now a brand that, with its more than 100 stores, has set out to bring the Jamón to the world’s knowledge and pleasure.

In our establishments you will find a section of shop dedicated to the direct sale of product, where buying jamón will be a simple task and our team can guide you when making the decision. Slices, packs, cheese, wine and much more. Apart from this, there is also a tasting area for you to enjoy the best jamón in the world, with great tapas, sandwiches and our famous jamón cubes and shavings cones.

At present, there are around a hundred specialised jamón shops, mainly in Jamón Iberico. Most of them are found in Spain, but also in places as diverse as London, Paris, Rome and Mexico City. In the British capital, thre are shops in such emblematic areas and districts as Covent Garden, Soho and Westfield Stratford, one of the largest shopping centres in Europe, as well as shops in airports such as Luton, Barajas and Bilbao.

Other interesting information

Enrique Tomás is a Spanish businessman who started at the age of 16 and has made his profession a passion, which makes him a great expert and enthusiast of Jamón, the product he sells and loves. Through his shops and books published as "Las mentiras del Jamón" and "Jamón for Dummies", it disseminates his knowledge and has begun a kind of crusade to make the jamón increasingly known and appreciated in the world.

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