Cured meats

In Enrique Tomás we offer a selection of sausages to please the most demanding palates.

Our premium products are lomo, chorizo and salchichón. They can be found in whole pieces or sliced and vacuum-packed for greater safety and additional comfort.

To stuff means to completely fill a container with something. In this case, stuffing is the basic action to make sausages, by selecting good minced pork meat and mix it with spice and seasonings to finally stuff the sausage mix into the hog casings.

We call cured meats all the products usually made from ground meat along with salt, spice and other flavourings and stuffed into a skin or casing, that can be from a natural source (hog casing) or synthetic.

The elaboration process is based upon the mixing and kneading actions of all ingredients.  The products mix is then stuffed into the casing, both ends are tightened up and lastly, they must be dry cured until the optimal curing level has been reached.

The origin of cured meats and sausages goes back in time; they appeared as a necessity to preserve the food from the climate conditions.  

Over the last centuries, a great variety of new and diverse products have appeared as a consequence of the different production processes resulting from the availability of raw materials and the climate conditions in each region. Hence, the production of sausages (types and qualities) varies in each region accordingly.

Cured meats (embutidos) are the perfect ingredient in a snack, a sandwich or in any traditional Spanish recipes. They are usually served sliced, on toast or sandwich, or on a simple platter of cold cured meats as “tapas” while sharing a moment with family and friends around a table.