The lomo ibérico is undoubtedly the most appreciated cured sausage of the Iberico pig.  The pork loin, located on the back of the animal, is one of the most tender cuts of the pork. Its low external fat level combines perfectly with the iberico pig’s special ability to store good fat into the muscles. 

To prepare it, the excess fat must be removed and let marinate in a special mixture to enhance its delicious flavours.  Every "cook" has his own recipe, but traditionally the marinade contains paprika, oregano, salt, garlic and a little olive oil.  The pork loin shall be in the marinade during a couple of days. Then the mixture will be stuffed into the same animal’s casing; hence the name of lomo embuchado ("stuffed Lomo").

After 10 weeks of curing process, the lomo iberico will be ready to seduce the fussiest palates. Traditionally, the "lomo iberico" is sold in one piece so the consumer might choose how to cut it while enjoying it as fresh as possible.