Salchichón Spanish Sausage



It is well known the tradition in the elaboration or cured meats and sausages in the Iberian Peninsula. The Salchichon is a good example and essential part of it.

Since time immemorial, after the pig slaughter, the farmer separated the hog meats in three parts: the most valuable parts for cooking or grilling, the legs for the delicious "jamon" because of their size and long life, and finally the rest of less noble but also tender parts that could not be consumed right away but cured and have them ready anytime.

The Salchichon is a good example of the above: a mix of ground lean pork and bacon of the same animal. Then, spiced up with salt, pepper and a little ground nutmeg. We shall allow the mix to marinate for about a day before stuffing the hog casings.  At this stage, we shall decide whether we want to obtain a tasty, intense and long-lasting product and if so we will smoke it or, we prefer a more delicate and softer taste and if so, we will let it air cure.

There are many salchichon varieties all over the Peninsula. In fact, they are made also of deer or boar meat, or of mixed meats from different animals. The traditional way, that is using pork meat, comes from the Northern part of the Peninsula. Particularly in the Region of Osona (Catalonia) many types of salchichon are produced: fresh and cured longanizas, secallonas, etc…all of them are delicious, all of them taste different.

Unlike the chorizo, Salchichon is traditionally not used for culinary purposes. Usually, it is used in sandwiches or served in a whole piece, with a sharp knife to slice it as preferred.