Boneless Piece


Boneless Piece

There are those who, when buying a ham, want it boned, either to keep it in a more comfortable place or to have it vacuum-packed and thus prolong its life. If you want a boneless or whole piece, in Enrique Tomás you will be able to find it. You have to know that our offer is made up of both Serrano or Iberian hams and bellota hams and ham shoulders. Find out everything we have for you!

How are our pieces boned?

The first thing to bear in mind is that all the curing we offer is first class, either Iberian or Gran Reserva, the Serrano ham that Enrique Tomás considers the first step in quality.

That said, our catalogue of boneless cuts is made up of six half-pieces: Gran Reserva ham shoulder, Iberian de cebo ham or Iberico bellota ham and Gran Reserva ham, Iberico de cebo or bellota Iberico ham. Each one is approximately 1.8 kilograms net, although it must be taken into account that the weight will be greater or smaller depending on the size of the ham or ham shoulder from which it is obtained.

We have already explained that vacuum packaging helps to delay the expiry date of food but you have to keep something in mind: once you open the package, the vacuum will be broken. A ham leg or shoulder lasts as long as it lasts, thanks in part to the fact that the bone helps to keep it in good condition, but if you remove the bone from a piece, the period of time of the piece is reduced and, therefore, once you remove it from the vacuum packaging you will have to take this aspect into account and eat it as soon as you can.

In Enrique Tomás we know that ham is not only a food, but also hides a whole culture behind it. This product is usually a regular item at any family or friend table, either at Christmas or any other important time of the year, so if you've already opened a boneless piece, you have the perfect excuse to bring all your loved ones together! Invite them to eat ham or ham shoulder first and you'll see how they all immediately agree upon. If you accompany it with a little bread, extra virgin olive oil and wine, either red or white, you will have a great time sharing unique moments! Don't give it any more thought and buy a boneless piece of a first-class ham, you'll surely repeat it!