Deboned part


The ham and ham shoulders that we use for boneless ham are exactly the same type and quality as the ones we sell as a whole piece in our stores as well as in our website. Yet, not all the vendors do the same, that is why Enrique Tomas assures its clientele that all the ham, whatever the sales format, is first quality and will be as good.

Thus, the fact the ham is boneless does not mean that its quality is less good. We bone the ham and the ham shoulder completely by hand to make sure that flavour and aroma are kept when they reach our client’s shopping bag.

In this case, if you do not have a cutting machine at home, we strongly recommend you to buy a whole ham shoulder or already sliced in as many vacuum packages as needed for the weekly consumption. Another element to take into consideration is that a boneless ham lasts a shorter time than the whole piece (the bone helps the ham piece to stay together) and according to the number of family members at home, it is may be more convenient not to buy the whole piece because you might not be able to fully enjoy it before it has been damaged.