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Jamón-Ham cubes

In Enrique Tomás we also cut by hand the ham dice: that is the ham nearest to the bone pig’s leg or shoulder that cannot be sliced and are cut into cubes or dice or ham shavings for snacks and/or cooking.

They are very good for snacks or for accompanying vegetables, pasta or legumes or for stuffed meats. They give a particular tasty flavour to all the foods. If you have never taste the ham cubes, start tasting ours; they are tastier because they come from a good ham and their curing time is just perfect. As with ham slices, boned ham or ham shavings, we also vacuum-pack the ham cubes right after they were cut so that they keep all the properties and are still delicious when you eat them at home.

Iberian Ham cubes -80g

€5.50 €5.50

Iberian Ham cubes -400g

€22.00 €22.00

Iberian cebo de campo ham cubes -80g

€6.50 €6.50

Iberian cebo de campo Jamón-ham cubes -400 g

€26.00 €26.00

Iberian Bellota -acorn- Ham cubes -80g

€7.50 €7.50

Iberian Bellota -acorn- Ham cubes -400g

€26.00 €26.00

Iberian 100% Bellota Ham cubes -80g

€9.50 €9.50
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