The ham is vacuum-packed right after it has been sliced by one of our experts in ham slicing, so that the ham keeps perfectly all the qualities until the point of final consumption. A badly sliced ham is not enjoyable for the palate. For you to enjoy all the flavour, the aroma and the properties of the ham it is better to have it cut into thin savoury slices and vacuum packed. To preserve it for longer time, keep it to 15 ºC without many temperature oscillations. Obviously, people usually do not have a cellar at home to keep the ham in a natural atmosphere, so it is normal to keep it in the fridge. Our recommendation is to eat it best before three months of the slicing and vacuum-packed date.

Before eating the ham, make sure to remove it from the fridge at least 30 minutes, so that it reaches the room temperature and thus the maximum flavour. For you to forget about the temperature and know when slices are ready to serve is when you can separate them easily without breaking. If so it means that the slices have their flavour, texture and aroma back and are ready to be served or used for the sandwiches.