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The “Jamon Iberico” (Iberico ham) is a unique product of extraordinary quality in the whole world. Jamon iberico needs up to five years of time and dedication until the outcome product: first raising, feeding the animal to be strong and healthy, second keeping the ham’s leg in the right necessary conditions to “cook” slowly the final ham.

In Enrique Tomás we will make sure that whatever ham you buy in whatever format you choose, you will enjoy it very much. Our total guarantee seal indicates that we have done all the required steps in all the production processes to make sure that it reaches the final consumer in perfect condition and moment for the consumption.

There is always, inevitably, a ham or ham shoulder which doesn’t meet all the needed curing criteria for selling. In this case, it never reaches the client because we send it straight back to the ham producer. This fact will also happen if the ham, that you have bought by Enrique Tomás, doesn’t like you: you may return it to our premises and we will change it for another one.