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Ham carving courses

Become a professional

Cutting correctly each slice of ham it is really an art, as not everyone has the ability to do it in such a way that the knife is perceived from behind. The best option to learn how to slice ham as it touches is with our course on slicing ham in Barcelona, a basic introduction to the tools, knowledge of this product and the slicing technique that will make you get thick enough slices to make you feel its taste on the palate, but at the same time, so thin that it can be dissolved in your mouth, that's where the trick lies. If you come to Barcelona for a week-end or vacation, get the flair of an Iberian experience

Learn from the hand of our master ham experts

Three hours will be more than enough to turn you into a true master ham expert, thanks to the best professionals in the sector with more than thirty years of experience behind them.

In Barcelona you will be able to learn the cutting technique of our star gastronomic product and, for this, you only have to get one of the places available to participate in the course in which you will learn something new, rewarding and delicious!

The Enrique Tomás Ham slicing course is held only on Saturdays from 10:30 am to 13:30 h in our store located in Carrer de Pelai, 18; a schedule more than compatible with a normal working day that will allow you to take a break in your leisure time.

Make a gift of a Ham Slicing Course!

The Enrique Tomás Ham Slicing Course is an exclusive product sold online, which will allow you to make it the perfect gift. If your loved ones or relatives are lovers of the Iberian world and above all, of ham, with this course you will not only be able to surprise them, but you will also make them become a professional and master ham expert.

Three hours of practical course, manual about ham, book, tasting and sandwich, with the possibility of acquiring your own piece of ham in our store with a fantastic discount. All are benefits within the Enrique Tomás Slicing Cutting Course.

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