Eating jamón ibérico is a real pleasure. In order to help you savouring it the best way, Enrique Tomas offers here the right accessories to carve it safely and easily. For instance, the ham's holder serves to keep the ham leg steady so that you can slice it comfortably. Also, you will need a special long-blade knife to cut the ham into nice and thin slices for a better taste.

Furthermore, we offer here the special bread called Molletes de Antequera, to accompany the Jamon, the cured meats or the cheeses. They are thin, soft and light. They are intended to be slightly toasted, and with a little bit of olive oil, that pairs perfectly with ham, lomo and cheese or whatever cured meat you may think of, they are delicious. The picos sevillanos are the perfect match for the rest of iberico products offered.

We welcome you to the chapter about accessories intended for slicing ham, any cured meat and cheese.

Enjoying a god ham is a real pleasure to the palate and the rest of the senses, but slicing it properly is a real art. Both actions are much related because the quality level of any ham or ham shoulder can be equally enhanced or undermined according to the slicing method; and this is more obvious when we have a 100% Iberico de Bellota ham waiting to be sliced.

In Enrique Tomás we take care of both aspects, without neglecting another issue (at least as important) that refers to the ham or ham shoulder performance. Hence, the ham carving method will determine the type of flavour as well as the level of total performance.

Here you will find the suitable knives and ham holders to succeed safely while obtaining the tasty and long slices. We have accessories for the occasional, household use and/or the expert and professional use.

Also, for the Tête de Moine (cheese) we have the special “Girolle” cheese scraper specifically designed to create beautiful cheese flowers to accent cheese or appetizer trays.

If you want to learn how to carve by hand a ham or ham shoulder nicely and safely, we offer Ham carving” lessons in our premises in Barcelona and Madrid at an unbeatable price.