In Enrique Tomás we love to make you enjoy the Iberico products. We know that the perfect match for the Jamon is a good light bread like the delicious Molletes de Antequera or the simple but tasty picos sevillanos bread sticks. Both are here available.

Mollete de Antequera

El Mollete de Antequera is made with the same basic ingredients of any other type of bread. It has a flat, round and thin shape. It is light and fluffy of soft aroma and taste, semi baked and slightly floured.

It belongs to the Mediterranean diet because of its basic ingredients and low fat. Thus, it is healthy and good for the diet. The combination of Mollete and virgin olive oil is much beneficial for the health for the good content in carbohydrates and keeping the cholesterol low.

Picos Sevillanos

These bread sticks are typical from Andalusia. They are a perfect snacking choice or a good accompaniment for the jamón and the cured meats (embutidos). They are crispy because have low water content. Our picos sevillanos have the perfect neutral taste to match with the Iberico products. For instance, if you taste a delicious Jamon Iberico de Bellota together with cheese and onion flavoured "picos", you won’t be able to appreciate the aroma and the flavour nuances of the ham, and that for sure would be both a pity and a waste.