Olive oil

Olive oil is one of the jewels of the Mediterranean Diet. Also, in this particular case, olive oil on top of the bread is the perfect match for ham, cured meats or cheeses.

We always recommend our clientele to add olive oil (no salt, no tomato sauce) to the bread accompanying the ham.

We have always known about the importance of the right and best olive oil to match our Iberico products. The olive oil should be intense enough to enhance the flavour without masking the tasting nuances.  And, we have succeeded! We have the best olive oils to pair with our products.

Aceite de oliva virgen extra "El Molino".

This olive oil is made by a family whose dedication goes generations back. They take care very much of their product; they follow and combine the traditional and ecological processes.

In Enrique Tomás, we have this olive oil for 6 years now, and have no intention to change it because we are much satisfied and, which is most important, our clientele is very happy with it.

In addition to this main olive oil, with which we make all our sandwiches, cocas, molletes and a great deal of dishes, we have another olive oil to meet the most demanding palate "Extra Virgen Premium Olive Oil"

Extra Virgen Premium Olive Oil

We like to change this item every 2 years in order to try the different olives oils of the highest level for our clientele to enjoy. We use this olive oil for our Premium sandwiches.

At present, our Premium olive oil available is OLIRIUM. It is a small-scale production but of a magnificent quality, run by a family business.