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Smooth Flavour

Flavours of Bellota Iberian Products: The Smooth flavour

In general, a cooked dish or food attracts us more by smell and sight than by taste. Therefore, we will not appreciate its taste if we have not previously smelled it and analysed it with our eyes. If we are referring to bellota Iberian ham or any cured meats of the same kind, the visual and olfactory combination so full of nuances and aromas, such as colour, shine and texture, makes our palate start to salivate and savour this delicacy long before we taste it. By the smell and of course the taste, we will know without a doubt that it is Iberian ham, on the other hand it will not be so easy to define that sensation. However, as experts and lovers of ham in Enrique Tomás we know well the flavours of ham that is produced in the Iberian Peninsula and we are going to explain everything so that you know what you buy and above all what is best adapted to your palate to enjoy eating our cured Iberian ham, especially our culinary jewel, the Iberian ham. And for it we will begin with the most amiable flavour, the Smooth flavour. Let's go!

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