Gran reserva (ham shoulder)


White pigs are the source of the Gran Reserva ham shoulder production; therefore, their breed is other than "iberico's". These pigs are farm-raised, they eat fodder and cereals resulting in a sweet and salty ham, with few nuances but delicious if the curing time and process have been respected and duly performed, respectively.

Dry-curing process

The Paleta Gran Reserva Enrique Tomás has been cured for 12 months exceptionally. This longer curing process compared to other "Serrano" ham shoulders in the market, along with the careful touch of the "cook" in the dry-curing elaboration, make our Gran Reserva a tasteful, delicious ham for the everyday consumer goods.

This ham is very simple but soft and tasty. It is perfect for the regular consumption and the relation between quality and price could not be better. Its flavour is far better than the usual and traditional "paleta serrana" that you will find elsewhere.

If you taste once the Paleta Gran Reserva Enrique Tomás, you will eat it again and will get fond of having ham shoulder (paleta) more frequently.