Ibérico cebo (ham shoulder)



The Iberico swine are the source of the Iberico de Cebo ham; this breed of animal is a unique phenomenon of the Iberian Peninsula. Its characteristics makes it very different from the rest of the pigs; especially because one of the distinctive genetic traits of this breed is its ability to store fat in muscle tissue. Hence, those regular flecks of intramuscular fat (marbling) that make iberico ham shoulder so unique.

Dry-curing process

The work of the "cook" (expert in dry-curing) plays a very important role in the production of paleta de cebo ibérico in order to obtain a delicious outcome product. The ham shoulder’s quality relies on the climate conditions and on the ham dry curing process of approximately 18 months, among other factors.

The most special aspect is the marbling effect of the ham that makes it very appetizing and full of flavour nuances. The paleta iberica is not only deliciously tasteful but also very healthy; for these reasons, we recommend you to include it in your diet right away.

Diet of the Iberico pig

The Iberico hog reaches the first 100 kg of weight in the same way that other pigs do.  Immediately after weaning, the piglets are fattened on animal feeds and vitamin-enriched food for several weeks. For the animal to be strong, to have muscular strength and resistant bones until it reaches the final weight, it is much important to make it follow a balanced diet.