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Enrique Tomás 5 Stars ham shavings -400g

Enrique Tomás 5 Stars ham shavings -400g

  • Gluten-free and lactose-free
  • Unique format
  • €30.00
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If any of our shavings are delicious, the 5 stars ham shavings are spectacular. They are no longer just tasty because they are obtained from the part closest to the bone, but because being from a 5 stars ham, its own oil is pure pleasure for the senses. They are not delicious, they are spectacular!

Sachet of Ham Shavings. Weight 400g

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Jamón-Ham shavings

5 Stars Ham shavings

The shavings are not the disposable leftovers from the ham. On the contrary, they can come from various places. They are delicious remains of ham very close to the bone, or in areas that are difficult to access with the slicing knife and can only be removed with the boning knife. They can also come from a slice that has stuck to the knife because it is too thin. Full of flavour and very cured. A 5-star ham is a delight and its shavings in sandwiches or any dish they accompany are spectacular.

Cet élevage avec les particularités génétiques de l'animal, donne une viande de saveur unique, avec un jamón dont la graisse a infiltré le muscle donnant naissance à un morceau de marbrure d'aspect juteux et avec une touche huileuse qui est exquise au palais.

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