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Jamón-ham Zero - Cero

At Enrique Tomás we also wanted to follow the growing trend in the food market of 0.0% products. The truth is that the initiative was born from a sector of our customers, who had been asking us for something special, above all we are talking about sportsmen and people who, due to their strict and very restrictive diet, did not want to give up the consumption of our beloved product, Jamón. We all know that good Jamón/ham provides many nutrients to our organism, and that consumed in moderate quantities it is even healthy and provides many benefits. But of course, people who take a lot of care with their diet, whether they are professional sportsmen or they have chronic health problems, should look for foods with a very low calorie level, low-fat and sugarless.

Well, now Enrique Tomás has gone further and straight to the heart of the matter by making a jamón/ham, from 3 different qualities of ham to meet the expectations of part of our clientele or those who wish to try it because they are also simply very good; and that's because all three are not different hams to the ones we already have. The difference is the specific area where this 0/0% Jamón comes from and the method of slicing it. We keep telling you! keep reading.

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