1/2 Iberian cured loin (500 g)

1/2 Iberian cured loin (500 g)

0.55 Kilo
Origin: Cáceres / Badajoz

This LOMO comes from the iberian pig whose special qualities, makes its flavour delicious and full of aroma nuances. Net weight approx.: around 500g.
Store between 0 º C and 5 º C.

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Iberian Lomo

If the pig from which we are going to get the loins has basically been fed with feed, we will get an Iberian bait loin. The process of fattening is simpler and cheaper, so we will get a loin of a very high quality at a very reasonable price.

Iberian pork loin - Quality Enrique Tomás

Iberian pork

In the Iberian peninsula we find a very special breed of pigs. The Iberian race. It has many characteristics that differentiate it from other pigs, but there is a fundamental one. Infiltrates fat inside the muscle. That is what makes a ham or Iberian loin has those white streaks that make it a unique product.

Purity of the race

The degree of purity of the pig's race depends, of course, on the purity of its parents. In such a way that we can consider as Iberian pig any one that exceeds 50% of purity. For this we need the mother to be 100% pure.

Food of the Iberian pig

The first hundred kilograms of weight of any Iberian pig gets them in the same way as any other pig. First breastfeeding and later with vitaminized feed. An orderly diet is essential so that the animal is strong, muscular and has strong bones.



  • Iberian pork loin, salt, paprika, spices and sugar.
  • Nutritional information (per 100g):
  • Energy value (kcal / KJ): 300 / 1256.8
  • Fats (g): 18
  • of which saturated (g): 7.3
  • Carbohydrates (g): 1.3
  • of which sugars (g): <1,2
  • Proteins (g): 33.2
  • Salt (g): 3.3

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