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Huelva Ham

Jabugo ham, a star appellation

Huelva ham, also known as Jabugo ham because of its designation of origin, is undoubtedly one of the most outstanding products of Spanish gastronomy. This deliciously cured ham is perfect for lovers of intense flavours who are looking for a ham whose nuances are felt during the tasting.

That's why when it comes to buying Jabugo ham online, at Enrique Tomás we offer you the best products of this origin, so that you can give your palate a deserved taste. Among our offer you will be able to choose whole pieces of Iberici de cebo ham, Iberico de bellota ham and bellota 100% Iberian ham or pata negra ham, packaged and cut by knife or machine and our delicious packs of Iberian travel format, so that you can take your whole sliced piece wherever you want and in the easiest way.

You will also find a wide selection of ham shoulders of this origin, to enjoy them whenever you prefer.

Jabugo ham has a star designation of origin, the Jabugo area, located in Huelva. The climate, humidity and the traditional recipe for curing in this province have given this product its own unmistakable characteristics for our palate. When we taste it we immediately notice that it is a product with an intense and penetrating flavor, with a slightly smoky touch that remains in our mouth, raising the maximum enjoyment.

This is why Enrique Tomás' Huelva ham is ideal for those who appreciate the penetrating taste of a good cured ham full of tradition.

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