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Bellota 100% Iberian Ham Shoulder - Smooth flavour

Bellota 100% Iberian Ham Shoulder - Smooth flavour

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  • We guarantee 1.4 Kg. 18 sachets of ham  (14 sachets sliced of 80 gr + 2 sachets of 80 gr of diced ham + 2 sachets  of 100 gr of ham shavings) Gluten-free and lactose-free
  • Whole piece
  • Whole piece
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The soft taste of the kindest jamón!

With this palette of 100% Iberian acorn with a mild flavor, the master ham specialists in achieving this delicious flavor, differ from the rest by the kindness of its ham so characteristic and recognizable by the softness with a sweet spot, which makes the delights of a sandwich, tapa or plate of ham at any time of day.  A ham to enjoy and to give with the certainty that we will be and will be satisfied. If you are one of those who do not risk, is cured is always a safe bet.

  • Delivery in 24-48 hours on the peninsula Delivery in 24-48 hours on the peninsula
  • Returns in 7 days from receipt of the product Returns in 7 days from receipt of the product
  • Description
  • Nutritional information
  • Conservation
  • Cut by machine or knife
  • Guarantee and Return Policy
100% Iberian Ham Shoulder - Pata Negra


Bellota 100% Iberian Ham Shoulder

In order for a shoulder to be considered 100% Iberian acorn it must have 100% genetic purity of the Iberian breed, which means that its parents must also have 100% Iberian racial purity and must have won the final fattening at liberty in the montanera.

Weight: 5,2 - 5,7 Kg approx.

Iberian pig

In the Iberian Peninsula we find a very special breed of pigs. The Iberian breed. It has an infinite number of characteristics that differentiate it from the rest of pigs, but there is one fundamental one. It infiltrates fat into the muscle. This is what makes an Iberian shoulder have those white veins that make it a unique product.

Purity of the breed

The degree of purity of the pig breed depends, naturally, on the purity of its parents. In such a way that we can consider as Iberian pig any one that surpasses 50% of purity. For this we need the mother to be 100% pure.

Feeding of the Iberian pig

The first one hundred kilos of weight of any Iberian pig is obtained in the same way as any other pig. First breastfeeding and then with vitamin feed. An orderly diet is essential so that the animal is strong, muscular and has strong bones. 

The Montanera

Those pigs that are destined to give bellota Iberian ham shoulders carry out the final part of their fattening in the Montanera. From November, when it is cold in the mountains and the acorn falls naturally because it is ripe, the experts let the pigs that they want to finish fattening naturally free through the farm. For a maximum of 4 months, the pigs will eat all the acorns they can find, red fruits and lots of grass. They will walk a lot and drink a lot of water. When they have increased by 50% the weight with which they entered the field they will be ready to provide the marvellous Iberian acorn-fed shoulders.

Smooth Flavor

In Spain there are producers in different areas who put into practice their well-differentiated techniques when it comes to making hams and who are widely known for the tradition and quality of their results. In the case of a soft ham, the master ham makers, specialists in achieving this, are great experts whose knowledge comes from previous generations. A kind taste almost sweet and that everyone loves.

What's ham shoulder?

A ham shoulder is the result of curing the front leg of a pig in salt. Its taste is more intense than that of ham because there is the same amount of bone and much less meat than in a ham. It needs less months of curing than a ham.

How is a paleta (ham shoulder) made?
Once we have the pig's leg ready, the first thing we have to do is prepare it for salting. The cook makes a v-shaped cut on the pork rind and decides how much external fat he wants to leave. The more fat it has, the less salt it will absorb and the sweeter it will be. Once the previous operation has been carried out, the leg is buried in salt for an average of two weeks. If the cook decides to extend this period, the ham shoulder will be tastier. From then on, depending on the type of pallet we are going to make, the characteristics of the leg and the flavour we are trying to obtain, the leg will hang in the dryer until it is optimal for consumption.

Taste Soft
Cutting service performance We guarantee 1.4 Kg. 18 sachets of ham (14 sachets sliced of 80 gr + 2 sachets of 80 gr of diced ham + 2 sachets of 100 gr of ham shavings)



Bellota 100% Iberian with more than 30 months of curing and salt.

Nutritional information (per 100g):
Energy value (kcal/KJ): 335/1394
Fat (g): 22,2
of which saturated (g): 6,53
Carbohydrates (g): 0,5
of which sugars (g):<0
Proteins (g): 33, 2
Salt (g): 4,25

Taste Soft
Cutting service performance We guarantee 1.4 Kg. 18 sachets of ham (14 sachets sliced of 80 gr + 2 sachets of 80 gr of diced ham + 2 sachets of 100 gr of ham shavings)

The whole piece is recommended to be kept in a dry and cool place and preferably hung or in a paleta box.

Once the ham has started, it is recommended to eat it in less than 21 days so that it retains all its flavour, quality and properties. In summer it should be consumed in less than 16 days. Cut each time only the ham to be consumed at that moment and apply a lint-free cloth so that it does not give the light and is least exposed to the air until the next time it is to be cut again.

Taste Soft
Cutting service performance We guarantee 1.4 Kg. 18 sachets of ham (14 sachets sliced of 80 gr + 2 sachets of 80 gr of diced ham + 2 sachets of 100 gr of ham shavings)

Cutting service:

To taste comfortably and to the maximum the piece of ham or ham shoulder, if you do not know how to cut or want to take full advantage of your piece, use our cutting service. The process of cutting by machine or knife is done manually by our experts to get the best use of the piece and the best results. Whether cutting with a knife or a machine, our experts will slice the whole piece by hand.

When our team takes care of it, it will get the maximum performance, that is, all the ham clean of external fat and bones that you will be able to enjoy eating.

If you want to know more about the performance of a piece consult => What is the performance of a ham or ham shoulder?

Taste Soft
Cutting service performance We guarantee 1.4 Kg. 18 sachets of ham (14 sachets sliced of 80 gr + 2 sachets of 80 gr of diced ham + 2 sachets of 100 gr of ham shavings)

Enrique Tomás BLACK LABEL : Guarantee and Return Policy

All our pieces of ham (Jamón) or shoulder (paleta) are of the highest quality within their category according to breed and diet of the hog. When a piece does not meet the quality requirements that our experts expect to find, it is immediately withdrawn. This can happen in one of the many controls that are carried out on each piece, from the moment it is selected at source until it reaches the customer's home. We look for the best for our customers and if, even so, they are not satisfied, our full guarantee comes into play to provide the solution.

Enrique Tomás Full Guarantee

The Enrique Tomás Guarantee is identified by the black Enrique Tomás label that you will find around the hoof of the shoulder or ham you have bought, as you can see in the photo. This label is very important because it identifies the piece and is your guarantee. This is why you should NEVER THROW OR REMOVE THIS LABEL. In fact, it is better NOT TO REMOVE IT, this way you will avoid losing or misplacing it.

This label indicates that your piece has passed all the quality controls carried out by our experts and that, consequently, it complies with all the quality standards demanded by Enrique Tomás and can therefore be sold in all our shops. However, if you have started to cut your piece and you do not like it or observe any problem, this label is your guarantee that we will change it or offer you a solution depending on the present condition of your piece. For this reason, it is essential that you keep this label and do not throw it away, as without it, the return protocol cannot be applied, which we will explain below.

Enrique Tomás BLACK LABEL : Guarantee and Return Policy

Enrique Tomás returns’ protocol

If, despite all the quality controls, you are not satisfied with your shoulder (paleta) or ham (jamón), either because it is not to your liking or because there is a problem with it, you must let us know immediately by sending us photos of the present condition of the piece and a brief explanation of the problem with the reference number of the order via your personal user profile in Enquire Customer Service and the following protocol will be applied, as long as you still have the Enrique Tomas Guarantee black label (mentioned above).

  • 1. Collection of the piece (paleta or jamón)
  • 2. Analysis of the problem by our experts in our warehouse.
  • 3. Solution:
    • If the piece has been hardly consumed/cut, an exchange is made for another of the same quality.
    • If, on the other hand, the piece has been consumed to a large extent, our experts analyse the amount of clean ham that remains to be cut and send the same amount of ham of the same quality, already cut and vacuum-packed in sachets and some more as compensation.

In the case of having purchased a whole piece already sliced and vacuum-packed, the protocol is as follows:
If you open a sachet and it is not to your liking, and the same happens with a second sachet (we recommend to try two, since depending on the slicing area, the ham may taste diferent) and it is confirmed that it is not to your liking, you must also inform us through your personal user profil·le in Enquire Customer Service, if necessary accompanying it with a photo and above all with the reason why it is not to your liking.

  • -The collection will be made
  • -On arrival at our warehousee, if only two sachets of the totality are missing, we will send you another complete and cut ham or shoulder. If, on the other hand, more sachets are missing, we will send you one for each sachet returned.

Enrique Tomás BLACK LABEL : Guarantee and Return Policy

In the case of other cured meats such as cold sausages in pieces and vacuum-packed, depending on the problem, a solution will be offered, as long as the complaint is made within a period of three weeks from receipt of the order, otherwise the estimated complaint time will have passed and no solution can be offered. Therefore, please check on arrival that everything is OK, especially that the vacuum is correct.

In the case of single vacuum sealed sachets with sliced cured meats and ham: you must check on arrival that the vacuum is correct, otherwise we ask that any complaint is made within three weeks of receipt of the order in the same contact form above. After this time, no changes or complaints will be accepted.

This return guarantee applies within a maximum period of three weeks after receipt of your order, after which time, the return/exchange protocol will no longer applyIn any case, each incident will also be analysed by our experts.

Taste Soft
Cutting service performance We guarantee 1.4 Kg. 18 sachets of ham (14 sachets sliced of 80 gr + 2 sachets of 80 gr of diced ham + 2 sachets of 100 gr of ham shavings)

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