Bellota 100% Ibérico Ham Córdoba - Pack 80gr

Bellota 100% Ibérico Ham Córdoba - Pack 80gr

Origin: Córdoba
The Jamón of Pedroches becomes every day a more popular Jamón due to its exquisite taste. To help you taste this delicacy, Enrique Tomás presents a comfortable and elegant vacuum-packed sachet with 80 grams of Jamón Pata Negra sliced with a knife by our experts. This Jamón pure “bellota” was obtained from a 100% Iberian pig that has eaten acorns during the Montanera-season in the meadows of Cordoba. The hams of the Pedroches Valley are different, bright, tasty, intense and very pleasant.

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Jamón Pata Negra

When we say that a Jamón is "Pata Negra" we always refer to the purity of the Iberian breed, that is to say, that the pigs from which this product has been obtained are pigs with both Iberian parents, which guarantees that their meat is 100% Iberian. Iberian pigs differ from other pigs and animals in the world by their ability to infiltrate fat into the muscle, fat obtained through controlled feeding and exercise during the Montanera season in the pastureland.

Keeping one of our maxims, which states that "the best ham is the one you like the most", we can say that with one of these sachets of sliced jamón bellota 100% iberico, you will experience in your own flesh what we mean when we say that jamón is not for eating, but for enjoying.

The Montanera-season and the origins

Those pigs that are destined to give Iberian acorn-fed hams make the final part of their fattening during the Montanera: From November onwards, when it gets cold in the mountains and the acorns fall naturally because they are ripe, the pigs who want to finish fattening naturally are left free on the farm. For a maximum of 4 months, the pigs will eat all the acorns they can find, red fruits and lots of grass. They will walk a lot and drink a lot of water. When they have increased by 50% the weight with which they entered the pastureland, they will be ready to provide the wonderful Jamón Ibérico de Bellota.

Pedroches Valley - Córdoba

Córdoba is the youngest area in the production of quality Jamón Ibérico. Known as"Jamón de Pedroches" (Pedroches ham), these products are full of wonderful pastures where the pigs have been fed, resulting in a different kind of Jamón Ibérico, with a chilled, tasty, intense and very pleasant flavour. Pedroches ham has been awarded as the most exclusive Jamón on several occasions and, in fact, the famous Jamón Glamuros 2017-18 is of this origin.

What is a Jamón and how is it made?

A jamón is the result of dry curing a pig's hind leg in salt. Depending on the type of pig and its diet, the months of curing vary substantially and its taste will also vary. Due to the large amount of meat in the same jamón, we will find different flavours: the “maza” is the softest part, the “contramaza” the tastiest and as we approach the bone we find more intensity.

Once we have the pig's leg ready, the first thing we have to do is prepare it for salting. The “cook” (the expert as we call them here) makes a v-cut on the pig's rind and decides how much external fat to leave. The more fat the leg has, the less salt it absorbs and the sweeter it gets. Once the previous operation has been performed, the leg is buried in salt for an average of two weeks. If the cook decides to extend this period, the jamón will be tastier. From that moment on, depending on the type of jamón we are going to make, the characteristics of the leg and the flavour we want to obtain, the leg will be hung in the special celler to dry until it is optimum for consumption.

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