Ham Shoulder Gran Reserva - Selection

Ham Shoulder Gran Reserva - Selection

4.88 Kilo
A gastronomic product produced from the front legs of the best white pigs of the farm, we obtain one of the fine pieces of which we feel proud of: The delicious Paleta Gran Reserva. The careful fattening process of the pig and the tradition gained over the years by generations and generations of Jamón masters producers get to the final result, this marvellous delight. Smooth but flavourful, salty but not invasive, incredible to combine with any kind of fruit, in sandwiches or simply thinly sliced. The value for money of this Paleta is unbeatable.

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Paleta Gran Reserva - Selection

In Enrique Tomás we offer a Paleta Gran Reserva Selection made with the highest quality, which after 18 months of dry-curing has a pleasant taste to the palate, which makes it an easy to enjoy a Serrano Ham shoulder (Paleta). In our online shop you can buy the whole piece of Paleta Gran Reserva Selection or, for your convenience, cut by machine or knife, so you can enjoy it without complications.


Product description:

  • Net weight: 4,5 - 5 Kg
  • Curing time: More than 9 months guaranteed
  • Origin of the selection: Segovia
  • Storage: keep in a dry place, at a constant temperature. Ideal store between 12 and 14 °C.
  • Formats: whole piece, machine cut or knife cut
  • Ideal for: communal use, tapas, sandwiches, for eating alone, cooking and whatever is convenient.
  • Free of gluten or lactose



The whole piece is recommended to be kept in a dry and cool place and preferably hung or in a jamón box.

Once the jamón has been started, it is recommended to eat it in less than 21 days so that it retains all its flavour, quality and properties. In summer it should be consumed in less than 16 days. Cut each time only the jamón to be consumed at that moment and apply a lint-free cloth to keep away from sunlight and less exposed to the air until the next time it is to be cut again.


Cut by machine or knife:

In our online shop you can buy the whole piece of the Paleta Gran Reserva machine cut or knife cut, so you can enjoy it without complications. When our team is in charge of cutting the pieces, taking into account all the part of the crust and the external fat that is discarded, it is taken out its maximum yield, obtaining on average a minimum of 1.5 kilos of meat, presented in:

14-16 sachets of sliced paleta of 80 g
2 sachets of 100 g paleta shavings
2 sachets of 100 g of diced paleta
1 tray with paleta bones


Nutritional information (per 100 g)

Paleta Gran Reserva Serrano with more than 18 months of dry-curing time

  • Energy value (kcal/KJ): 240/1004
  • Fat (g): 12
  • of which saturates (g): 4.8
  • Carbohydrate (g): 0
  • of which sugars (g): <0
  • Proteins (g): 33
  • Salt (g): 5

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