Ibérico de Cebo Ham Shoulder - Huelva

Ibérico de Cebo Ham Shoulder - Huelva

5.95 Kilo
Origin: Huelva

If you are looking for the intense flavour of the ham-Jamón, the unctuousness in the mouth, the prolonged aroma and a longer lasting taste in your palate and a very high quality raw material; this should be, without a doubt, your choice.

An Iberian Ham Shoulder from Jabugo, Huelva is the front leg of the hog which makes it tastier. As an Iberian swine, it is a unique breed of swine because of its capacity to infiltrate fat into the muscle  therefore will have that infiltration of fat that makes it unique in the world. This animal follow a balanced diet based on animal feed to guarantee the maximum quality of the final product and finally, the ham shoulder has been dry-cured according to the tradition and production method implemented by the Ham producers of Jabugo, Huelva. They strive for an intense, lasting, invasive, delicious flavour. A taste that not only leaves a trace in your palate but also in your memory.

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De Cebo Ham Shoulder - Jabugo, Huelva

The Iberico swine are the source of the Jamón Iberico de Cebo; this breed of animal is a unique phenomenon of the Iberian Peninsula. Its characteristics makes it very different from the rest of the pigs; especially because one of the distinctive genetic traits of this breed is its ability to store fat in muscle tissue. Hence, those regular flecks of intramuscular fat (marbling) that make iberico ham shoulder so unique.

The Iberico hog reaches the first 100 kg of weight in the same way that other pigs do.  Immediately after weaning, the piglets are fattened on animal feeds and vitamin-enriched food for several weeks. For the animal to be strong, to have muscular strength and resistant bones until it reaches the final weight, it is much important to make it follow a balanced diet.

More details of the product:

  • Net weight: 5,9 kg approx. 
  • Dry-curing time: 18 months
  • Origin of the selection: Jabugo, Huelva
  • Storage: keep in a dry place at a steady temperature. Ideally keep it between 12 and 14 ° C.
  • Formats: whole piece, machine cut or knife carved.
  • Ideal for: Slicing, common uses, tapas, sandwiches, to eat alone, for cooking and whatever is appropriate.
  • Free of preservatives, gluten or lactose

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We recommend to keep it in a dry and cool place (between 15º and 25º) and preferably hung or in a ham holder (jamonero).

Once the ham is started, it is recommended to consume it in less than 21 days so that it maintains all its flavor, quality and properties. In summer, it should be consumed in less than 16 days. Slice only the ham that you need to be consumed at that time and put a lint-free cloth to keep it away from light and air the until the next time.


Machine Cut or Knife-carved:

In our shop online, you may buy the whole piece of Paleta Ibérica de Cebo, or either sliced by slicer or by knife so that you may enjoy it without complications. When our team of ham carving experts takes care of the ham pieces taking into account all the part of the crust and the external fat that is discarded, it is taken out its maximum yield, obtaining on average a minimum of 1.8 kilos of meat, presented in:

18 vacuum packed bags of paleta in slices of 80 g each
2 bags of ham shavings of 100 g
2 bags of diced ham of 100 g
1 tray with the ham bones

Nutritional information (per 100 g)

Iberian Ham Shoulder Huelva - 18 months dry-curing

  • Energy value (kcal / KJ): 303/1261
  • Fats (g): 19.2
  • of which saturated (g): 7.8
  • Carbohydrates (g): 0.1
  • of which sugars (g): <0.1
  • Proteins (g): 32.3
  • Salt (g): 4.9

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