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Fuet with pepper - 200gr

Fuet with pepper - 200gr

Unique format €3.80
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  • Whole piece Gluten-free and lactose-free

Piece of Fuet with Pepper of 200 grams ready to slice, to taste and eat. This sausage has been prepared in an artisan way with pork meat and bacon, salt, pepper, milk proteins, dextrin, lactose, and dextrose. No added dyes or nitrites. Fuet is a typical Catalan sausage served as a starter or as an aperitif. It is a gastronomic reference in the world of sausages and those who try it, do not regret it. This variety of peppered fuet is the result of experience and the search for new flavours.

  • Delivery in 24-48 hours on the peninsula Delivery in 24-48 hours on the peninsula
  • Returns in 7 days from receipt of the product Returns in 7 days from receipt of the product
Do not cut yourself! Order it cut by machine or knife!

Longer durability and better preservation

Enjoy the perfect cut and a variety of formats: slices, shavings and cubes.

Higher cutting performance

An ideal gourmet gift

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  • Nutritional information
  • Conservation
  • Cut by machine or knife
  • Guarantee and Return Policy
Spanish Salchichón

Longaniza, Salchichón and fuet

If you live in Spain and know the rich gastronomy of the country, you may have no problem identifying any of these three products, but there are still some who do not distinguish the differences between them. We begin by clarifying then, that these are three handmade sausages that make us fall in love with their flavour, texture and aroma.

Size: These three products are stuffed into a casing, which is usually pork, and the size of the casing differs in each of them. The Salchichón is the thickest, then we have the Longaniza which is usually a little flatter and slightly oval, to finally reach the fuet which is much narrower, being the smallest of the three.

Curing: Another important aspect of our sausages that is directly related to size, the larger the product, the longer it takes to cure. 

Ingredients: Although the three sausages are produced from lean pork, ibérico de bellota, depending on the particular product, the ingredients make an important difference and, in addition to this, the artisan production process of each one. The Salchichón and the Longaniza are usually similar, leaner and peppery, unlike the fuet which, in its most traditional version, does not usually include this spice.

Spanish sausages

The Spanish gastronomy is world famous and its sausages, together with the Jamón Ibérico, are one of the protagonists of this popularity. Each region and town has its own products and, above all, the traditional preparation and local flavours are valued: chorizos, fuet, salchichón, chistorra and other wonders that many of us could not do without.

When we speak of sausage we refer to a processing technique, therefore, what is known as cold meat is not sausage, nor can our beloved jamón be considered as such. To make a good sausage you need meat from different parts of the pig (lean areas and fat) and seasonings that can vary according to each cook and/or product to be prepared. Once all the ingredients have been combined, the mixture is stuffed into a natural or artificial casing, as the case may be, and allowed to cure for as long as it needs to acquire its colour, flavour and texture.

Format Whole piece
Format Whole piece
Format Whole piece
Format Whole piece

Enrique Tomás BLACK LABEL : Guarantee and Return Policy

All our pieces of ham (Jamón) or shoulder (paleta) are of the highest quality within their category according to breed and diet of the hog. When a piece does not meet the quality requirements that our experts expect to find, it is immediately withdrawn. This can happen in one of the many controls that are carried out on each piece, from the moment it is selected at source until it reaches the customer's home. We look for the best for our customers and if, even so, they are not satisfied, our full guarantee comes into play to provide the solution.

Enrique Tomás Full Guarantee

The Enrique Tomás Guarantee is identified by the black Enrique Tomás label that you will find around the hoof of the shoulder or ham you have bought, as you can see in the photo. This label is very important because it identifies the piece and is your guarantee. This is why you should NEVER THROW OR REMOVE THIS LABEL. In fact, it is better NOT TO REMOVE IT, this way you will avoid losing or misplacing it.

This label indicates that your piece has passed all the quality controls carried out by our experts and that, consequently, it complies with all the quality standards demanded by Enrique Tomás and can therefore be sold in all our shops. However, if you have started to cut your piece and you do not like it or observe any problem, this label is your guarantee that we will change it or offer you a solution depending on the present condition of your piece. For this reason, it is essential that you keep this label and do not throw it away, as without it, the return protocol cannot be applied, which we will explain below.

Enrique Tomás BLACK LABEL : Guarantee and Return Policy

Enrique Tomás returns’ protocol

If, despite all the quality controls, you are not satisfied with your shoulder (paleta) or ham (jamón), either because it is not to your liking or because there is a problem with it, you must let us know immediately by sending us photos of the present condition of the piece and a brief explanation of the problem with the reference number of the order via your personal user profile in Enquire Customer Service and the following protocol will be applied, as long as you still have the Enrique Tomas Guarantee black label (mentioned above).

  • 1. Collection of the piece (paleta or jamón)
  • 2. Analysis of the problem by our experts in our warehouse.
  • 3. Solution:
    • If the piece has been hardly consumed/cut, an exchange is made for another of the same quality.
    • If, on the other hand, the piece has been consumed to a large extent, our experts analyse the amount of clean ham that remains to be cut and send the same amount of ham of the same quality, already cut and vacuum-packed in sachets and some more as compensation.
  • 4. Any piece (ham or ham shoulder) that has been sliced after reception at destination by a company/butcher's shop/butcher's shop other than Enrique Tomás (and without our black label-guarantee) will not be subject to the application of this protocol.In order to benefit from this protocol, the piece must still be whole (not cut up) and bear the black label of the Enrique Tomás guarantee, both essential and indispensable conditions for the application of the protocol, otherwise Enrique Tomás cannot be held responsible for any problems with the piece.

In the case of having purchased a whole piece already sliced and vacuum-packed, the protocol is as follows:
If you open a sachet and it is not to your liking, and the same happens with a second sachet (we recommend to try two, since depending on the slicing area, the ham may taste diferent) and it is confirmed that it is not to your liking, you must also inform us through your personal user profil·le in Enquire Customer Service, if necessary accompanying it with a photo and above all with the reason why it is not to your liking.

  • -The collection will be made
  • -On arrival at our warehousee, if only two sachets of the totality are missing, we will send you another complete and cut ham or shoulder. If, on the other hand, more sachets are missing, we will send you one for each sachet returned.

Enrique Tomás BLACK LABEL : Guarantee and Return Policy

In the case of other cured meats such as cold sausages in pieces and vacuum-packed, depending on the problem, a solution will be offered, as long as the complaint is made within a period of three weeks from receipt of the order, otherwise the estimated complaint time will have passed and no solution can be offered. Therefore, please check on arrival that everything is OK, especially that the vacuum is correct.

In the case of single vacuum sealed sachets with sliced cured meats and ham: you must check on arrival that the vacuum is correct, otherwise we ask that any complaint is made within three weeks of receipt of the order in the same contact form above. After this time, no changes or complaints will be accepted.

This return guarantee applies within a maximum period of three weeks after receipt of your order, after which time, the return/exchange protocol will no longer applyIn any case, each incident will also be analysed by our experts.

Format Whole piece

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enriquetomas.com/en/ Reviews with ekomi.co.uk

Recipes with Fuet with pepper - 200gr

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