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Jamón and red wine are two of the most outstanding Spanish gastronomic products, but this does not necessarily mean that they have to go hand in hand. Taste buds are generally more sensitive to the nuances of cured ham when accompanied by a fine white wine or “manzanilla” wine, although this does not mean that red wine is a bad companion Jamón.

In Enrique Tomás we want you to combine Jamón, our star product, with the best drink and that's why we offer you premium quality red, white and rosé wines. Also, we complete our offer with first class cavas, another ideal drink to combine with the best Jamón Gran Reserva or Jamón Iberico. The sparkling touch of the Cava will provide your palate with a pleasant sensation of freshness.

Types of pairings between Jamón and drinks

There are two types of pairing between jamón and drinks, the one known as the pairing by accompaniment and the one known as pairing by contrast. Let us take a closer look at both of them

Pairing by accompaniment:

This type of pairing seeks to combine similar sensations and aromas in order to blend them into a whole. The objective is to mix the taste of the dry-cured with that of the wine, creating a pleasant experience by tasting and drinking them together. The taste of Jamón does not exceed the taste of wine, nor vice versa, but what is obtained is that both are fused into one.

As a general rule, this pairing can be achieved by combining certain soft red wines and some white wines with the best Jamón. They are an extraordinary “couple”!

The pairing by contrast:

This pairing is composed of two flavours, the jamón and the drink in question, and as our palate is sensitive to both, the two will alternate in mouth accordingly.

The idea is that after eating the jamón, you have chosen to drink a white wine or Cava, which will clean the palate to taste the next slice. In this pairing the flavours do not clash, but each one has its own moment, the two are main actors!

Finally, keep in mind that eating "picos sevillanos" gives a similar sensation, so if you combine jamón, wine and "picos sevillanos", you will have an incomparable experience! Drink "dry" white wines, cavas or sparkling wines with the jamón from Enrique Tomás and you will see how wonderfully surprised you will be!

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