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Spanish wine is one of the best and most appreciated in the world, not only for its extraordinary quality and variety, but also for its value for money, hardly comparable to that of other surrounding countries. Buying a good Spanish wine in Spain and in general in the rest of the world is not a luxury, as it is in the case of wines from other origins of equal or inferior quality. Thus, Spanish wine is a very affordable pleasure for any pocket, so much so that in many homes it is part of the daily gastronomy to accompany meals and dinners with a glass of wine.  Wine is a very important and remarkable part of our culinary culture and pairing certain dishes and delicacies such as Iberian ham/ Jamón ibérico with a good wine is an essential pleasure: for example, in a business dinner, in a family celebration or in a simple dinner with your partner when you feel like it, whether it is a weekend, holiday or work. And alone at home, with a glass of wine in your hands in front of the TV or in the kitchen while preparing dinner, after a long day of work and routine. What a pleasure!

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