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White Nimú Sangria - 750ml Bottle

White Nimú Sangria - 750ml Bottle

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If Sangria is one of the most international drinks in Spain, Sangria Blanca is no slouch and, thanks to Nimú, we at Enrique Tomás offer you the chance to get yourself a new, refreshing drink that is perfect for the hottest summer days. Made with 60% white wine from Airén, this variety of Nimú will surprise you with its floral notes and just 5% alcohol. Don't waste any more time and try it now!

No preservatives, gluten or lactose.
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What is Sangria?

Sangria is the Spanish drink par excellence, we will always recognize it for its bright red colour, its flavour and its fruity nuances. Wine sangria represents the fiery and passionate character of the Iberian people and is a 100% alcoholic drink made from wine, fruit, liqueur and sugar.

Although there is no single recipe, sangria should always be refreshing and have fruit. There are different varieties, and as with paella, everyone makes it in their own way. Spanish sangria is usually made with red wine but can also be made of white wine or cava.

Nimú Sangrías in Enrique Tomás

The Nimú team has created a series of refreshing drinks with the best Spanish label. Based in Barcelona, the company offers us a catalogue of drinks inspired by the traditions and the most intimate flavours of Spanish culture, but with a new touch, full of passion and ingenuity.

Now, in Enrique Tomás, you can enjoy Sangrías Nimú, the summer drink! to refresh yourself and to share the best moments. Taste the best Iberian products accompanied by a very cold sangria, you can choose between the classic variety and the famous White Nimú.. you will be surprised!

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