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8 Healthy recipes with Jamón ibérico

Judías con huevo poché y jamón ibérico

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Jamón ibérico/Iberian ham is part of our Mediterranean diet and is one of the most typical and traditional foods of Spanish gastronomy. It can be used to prepare an infinite number of tasty, delicious and, of course, healthy recipes. In this post we are going to present you 8 healthy recipes with Iberian ham so that you can get inspired and replicate them at home in your own way.

Discover the nutritional properties of Jamón ibérico and the health benefits of this food and don’t hesitate to start introducing it into your daily healthy recipes. Enjoy its magnificent flavor while benefiting from its nutrients!

1. Rice, quinoa, apple and ham salad

This rice, quinoa, apple and Iberian ham salad meets the requirements of healthy recipes with Jamón as it provides us with a set of essential nutrients for our body.

On the one hand, we choose wild rice in combination with quinoa, these foods not only provide us with macronutrients such as carbohydrates or proteins, but also contain minerals, vitamins and antioxidants, and of course, fiber. As a food of vegetable origin (which must be present in every dish) we choose the apple, a source of potassium and vitamins.

We add our star ingredient: Jamón ibérico. A great source of proteins and healthy fats, essential nutrients in a healthy and balanced diet. Also, add other vegetables such as green bell pepper or cherry tomatoes to complete the dish. The result: simply delicious! An irresistible contrast of flavors.

Click here for step-by-step instructions.

Arroz salvaje, quinoa, manzana y jamón
Wild rice, quinoa, apple and jamón

2. Beans with poached egg and Iberian ham

The base of the dish is fine green beans, which provide few calories to the body and are rich in vitamins, amino acids, minerals and fiber. On the other hand, we have the egg as a complement and we prepare it as a poached egg. This way of cooking is healthier than the typical fried egg since it does not need a single drop of oil because it is cooked in boiling water, and we still enjoy the liquid texture of the yolk, which fills the dish with flavor when it explodes. We love it.

Finally, we have our star ingredient: el jamón de bellota ibérico. A source of protein and healthy fats that will enrich the dish, maximizing the flavor. Also, remember that if you add ham to your recipes you can reduce its salt content, making it more heart-healthy!

Discover how to prepare this warm bean salad with poached egg and Iberian ham step by step.

Judías con huevo poché y jamón ibérico
Green bones with poached egg and jamón ibérico

3. Broccoli omelette/tortilla with Jamón shavings

You will love this broccoli omelette with Iberian ham shavings because it is an easy to prepare and very healthy recipe, made with egg whites, broccoli and ham shavings. Although egg yolks are also beneficial at a nutritional level, you may occasionally choose to prepare an omelette with egg whites only, which combined with vegetables such as broccoli provide us with a healthy lunch or dinner in a few minutes. In our case, we add some shavings of Iberian ham to enhance the flavor to the dish and nutritionally, add a small proportion of healthy fats. We leave you here the step by step!

Tortilla de brócoli con virutas de jamón
Broccoli tortilla with Jamón shavings

4. Zucchini with Jamón and mushrooms

One of the advantages of this dish, besides the short preparation time, is its healthy and light properties. On the one hand, we have zucchini as a base, one of the recommended vegetables par excellence, thanks to its high water content, its antioxidant properties and its high vitamin content. We also have mushrooms, a satiating food rich in minerals such as potassium or selenium and capable of flavoring endless recipes. The differential touch is provided by the shavings of Enrique Tomás Jamón ibérico together with the mature cheese, which with its powerful and distinctive flavor will round off the recipe. We show you the process!

Calabacín con jamón y champiñones
Zucchini with Jamón and mushrooms

5. Artichokes with Jamón

The dish is based on an ingredient of vegetable origin such as artichoke, its high water content, fiber and inulin make it a positive product for digestion, fat burning and cholesterol control. Combining artichokes with other vegetables and healthy foods, such as fruits, vegetables or proteins is ideal. In this recipe we have chosen onion, garlic and diced jamón, as accompaniments. The ham provides the protein content to the dish and completes it nutritionally.

Alcachofas con jamón
Artichokes with jamón

6. Cream of pumpkin cream with Iberian ham

Creams are a safe bet for any lunch or dinner, as a main dish or as an accompaniment. In our case, we prepare it with seasoning and adding the Iberian ham on top, making it a very complete main dish. For the preparation of this classic recipe, we have chosen Jamón Ibérico Bellota Enrique Tomás. This way, we will achieve that contrast between sweet and salty, which diners like so much, as well as the combination of textures and the richness of nuances in the flavor.

Crema de calabaza
Pumpkin soup

7. Mushroom, goat cheese and Jamón ibérico salad

We tend to associate eating a salad with something boring and out of obligation, and this is not the case at all. A salad can be very tasty and appetizing if you combine the ingredients in the best way. In this way, we have chosen mushrooms, goat cheese, a product with an unmistakable and intense flavor that is the downfall of many diners. And to top it off, we have Jamón Ibérico Bellota Enrique Tomás our five-star ham, with which you will enjoy an incredible flavor in every bite. We add walnuts, hard-boiled egg and assorted lettuce, and that’s it, we tell you how to prepare it in the step by step!

Ensalada de setas, queso de cabra y jamón ibérico
Mushrooms, goat cheese and jamón ibérico

8. Cold melon soup with Jamón

One of the most appetizing and classic recipes, especially in summer, is cold melon soup with Jamón. In just 10 minutes you will have it ready and, besides, it is delicious. It is a light, refreshing and tasty option with an irresistible sweet touch. At Enrique Tomás, we show you how to prepare this recipe at home in a quick and easy way.

Melon is a fruit with a high-water content, so it is perfect for hydrating on hot days. In addition, it contains many nutrients and few calories. Its flavor is especially sweet, so in combination with ham and its salty and tasty character, these two elements become the perfect match.

Sopa fría de melón con jamón
Cold soup with jamón

Are you interested in our healthy recipes with jamón ibérico? You will find many more in our blog! Get inspired and start including this food in your daily meals. Find thousands of ideas full of flavor, light and healthy.

8 Healthy recipes with Jamón ibérico
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8 Healthy recipes with Jamón ibérico
With Jamón ibérico you can prepare endless tasty, delicious and healthy recipes. Here are 8 healthy recipes with Iberian ham to inspire you to replicate them at home in your own way.
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Enrique Tomás S.L.
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