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9 myths about ham, find out what you’re doing wrong!

mitos sobre el jamon

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The Iberian ham is that delicious delicacy typical of the Iberian Peninsula, cured with care for at least 18 months to get a taste like no other. But do you know everything about it? Check it out! I bet these nine myths about Jamón-ham will surprise you!

1. DO NOT cover the sliced part of the ham with its own fat

Let’s start by denying this. You’ve probably heard of “it’s best to cover the ham with its own fat”. BIG MISTAKE! If you do and it gets rancid, it will pass its flavor to the cured meat of the ham. Since you don’t want this to happen, the best thing you can do, it ‘s to cover it with a clean, lint-free cloth. It will be kept in good condition

2. DO NOT eat it cold

Many people have the habit of slicing the ham, putting it on a plate, covering it with cling film, and putting it in the fridge! Again, BIG MISTAKE!  The ham tastes better at room temperature, so slice and serve it immediately. If you have bought it sliced, take it out of the refrigerator beforehand and as soon as you see that one slice separates from the other easily, your ham will be ready to eat.

3. The left ham leg is better than the right leg and the ham than the ham shoulder

Let’s see, there are several aspects to be addressed here. First, the idea that the left leg is better than the right leg is related to the fact that pigs are believed to sleep more on this side than on the other and that, therefore, the left leg develops and grows better. But do you always sleep in the same position and keep it? Well, neither do pigs.

With regard to the ham shoulder, as the ham is more expensive, this tends to be associated with its quality but the higher price does not mean that it is better, only that the dry curing process requires more work. Some people will tell you that they like the ham shoulder better and others prefer ham. Its taste is different;  colours to suit every taste!

4. Iberian ham only combines well with red wine

Contrary to popular belief, the Iberian Ham is better suited to white than to red wine, but the important thing is how you like it! As the white is more sparkling and has a softer taste, it does not hide the taste of the Iberian ham, but on the contrary, it enhances it! The same thing happens with cava or beer and if, on top of that, you accompany both with some Sevillian Breadsticks (Picos Sevillanos), it’s hallucinating!

5. The Iberian Ham is Pata Negra

No it isn’t. For an Iberian ham to be Pata Negra (Black footed) it would have to be painted. In any case, what is really black is the hoof and not all Iberian pigs have it of this colour. There may be white pigs with dark hoofs and Iberian pigs with white hoofs. Everything is relative.

6. It must be kept in the kitchen

Well, like everything in life, it depends. If your kitchen is too sunny or too small, you’d better not because the heat will affect your ham leg the minute you turn on the oven. It is not good that the hams are close to heat sources so, in order to avoid this, in these cases it is best to keep them in the pantry or, if you have it, a dry storage room.

7. Once the meat has been removed, the bone can be thrown away

Wrong, too. First, are you sure you got all the meat out of it? If so, keep in mind that you can still use the bone to prepare different recipes with it, such as stew. But if you think it still has meat that you do not dare to remove, and you can’t slice it anymore, bring it to us Enrique Tomás! We will take care of removing all the meat that may still be present, regardless of whether you have bought it in one of our stores or not.

Once we have extracted it, we will prepare it in vacuum-packed packs that you will only have to open and enjoy. Just wonderful!

8. It must be placed in the ham holder with the hoof facing upwards

Yes and no. In bars and restaurants it is placed in this way because, as it is soon finished, the meat that is the most tender is served first, but this does not have to be so. If you are going to cut it and serve it at home, there will be occasions when it is better to place it upside down to start slicing it in the other area. It depends on how many members you are, whether or not you eat ham every day, and so on.

9. Small children should not eat iberian ham

This popular belief is not correct either. Ham, as long as it is not abused, is good for everyone. Obviously a baby cannot eat ham, but once the children start eating solid food they can enjoy Iberian ham or anything else they want. However, they should be constantly watched and given in small portions. They are children and obviously they should be kept an eye on all the time.

Did you know about all this? We’ve already dispelled these false myths about ham. As the saying goes, you shall not lie down without knowing something else’.

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The Iberian ham is that delicious delicacy typical of the Iberian Peninsula, cured with care for at least 18 months to get a taste like no other. But do you know everything about it?

Otros idiomas: Español Français Deutsch Italiano


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