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Back to routine with Enrique Tomás

Vuelta a la rutina con Enrique Tomás

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September is the month par excellence of the return to routine and new goals. The “normality” starts, work, schedules, school, etc. Vacations and summer are behind us, and with the batteries well charged, it is time to set new goals and projects: back to the gym, to food routines, to extracurricular activities… At Enrique Tomás we tell you the keys to get back into the rhythm that September demands and to face the routine in the best way.

Overcoming the post-holiday syndrome in your return to routine

The return to routine after the summer is always a hard task for all of us, but to resume this change it is essential to do it with energy and positivity. Let everything flow naturally without stress and gradually get back into your usual routine. The keys to successfully overcome the post-holiday syndrome are:

  • Follow a healthy diet: recover our daily balanced diet. Food is the best basis for good physical and mental health.
  • Resume physical activity: It is very important to move daily and / or perform physical activity or exercise to improve the health of our body. This will keep us active and will make the return to routine easier.
  • Emotional well-being: If we feel good, it is easier to adopt healthier lifestyles and take care of ourselves. You can visit

Find out more in: How to combat post-holiday syndrome?

Planning weekly shopping and menus

The return to routine also requires resuming the usual schedules, healthy habits and daily food. This requires planning and organization. We return home after the vacations with an empty fridge and we must do the shopping again thinking about the type of diet we want to follow.

Our recommendation to resume the current meals is based on the ingredients of the Mediterranean diet.  Among the many beneficial properties for health, this type of diet is characterized by using cereals and vegetables as the basis of the dishes accompanied by a small amount of animal products such as dairy, meat or fish. In addition, heart-healthy fats such as olive oil or fat from oily fish and nuts (the famous omegas 3) are also an essential part of the diet. All this is complemented with the consumption of seasonal vegetables and fruits, aromatic herbs and other seasonings.

To do your food shopping our advice is that you first draw up a weekly menu based on the combination of ingredients to get all the necessary nutrients. Do you know the plate method? It is very useful to compose complete and healthy meals, now you only have to do the shopping!

At Enrique Tomás, you can find ham in all possible formats to make it easy and convenient for you. Choose whole piece, sliced, shavings or cubes... And, in addition, choose the most suitable for you among all the types. You can consult: In what formats you can buy jamón or types of jamón.

Healthy recipes for the return to routine

At Enrique Tomás we give you ideas through our blog so that you can prepare healthy and complete dishes, as well as delicious ones. This way you can enjoy eating, but doing it in a balanced and varied way. We also suggest you to use seasonal products, so you can perceive their authentic flavor.

This is just a small “tast” of the Enrique Tomás recipes. Go to our blog at the bottom and consult all the recipes.

To face the return to the routine we also recommend you to consult: “The best recipes to take to work”. Many times, taking a “tupper” is associated with eating late, disorganized and poorly. But that is not true, since there are thousands of healthy and great recipes that you can prepare quickly at home. And if you have planned your weekly menu, you can also prepare healthy tuppers in advance to take to work.

Vegetable creams

Vegetable creams are a hit at any time of the year. A healthy dish with which you can combine all kinds of plant-based foods and add a tasty topping such as jamón. Here are two ideas that you will love!

Salads of all kinds

Salads can also be very complete dishes, with all the necessary nutrients, and very delicious. We tend to think that dishes of this type can be more boring than others, but if we combine the ingredients in the right way and add flavor and creativity, delicious and healthy recipes can emerge. We give you some ideas with different bases so that you can see that it is possible to cook original and tasty salads.

Other original and healthy ideas

Finally, we talk about those ideas of more original dishes that will serve you for any lunch or dinner shared with family and friends. Once the routine has begun, it is also very positive to be able to break it with some lunch or dinner in good company. It is possible to do it with healthy and balanced proposals! Here are some ideas.

Vuelta a la rutina con Enrique Tomás
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Vuelta a la rutina con Enrique Tomás
We tell you the keys to get back into the rhythm that September demands and face the return to routine in the best way.
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Enrique Tomás S.L.
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Otros idiomas: Español Français Deutsch Italiano


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