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Beach meals: some fresh ideas for take-outs

comidas de playa

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When summer starts we are already looking forward to the vacation: family, friends, beach, swimming pool and -of course- fresh and light recipes to palliate the heat. One of the most significant pleasures of summer is getting into the water of the sea or the pool and enjoying a good swim. For those of you who like to spend all day at the beach, we bring you some fresh and delicious ideas for beach meals, perfect to take with you and eat under your umbrella!

Summer vacation and beach meals

In the Iberian Peninsula we are fortunate to be largely surrounded by the sea: the Mediterranean, the Cantabrian, the Alboran Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, so spending a whole day by the sea, with family or friends and a fridge full of food and drink is something very common in our country.

Actually, it is one of those scenes that are part of the fondest memories of our youth: sun, sand castles, the waves of the sea and a meal that tastes heavenly after “soaking” all morning. In this post we are going to remember those simple delicacies that satiate our appetite after long baths and paddle games. These are simple recipes, ideal to take away and very fresh and light to withstand the heat.

5 fresh and light beach recipes

Gran Reserva ham (Jamón Gran Reserva) and brie cheese sandwich

Although the classic Spanish Jamón sandwich is delicious, we want to present an equally appetizing recipe but a little more original and with more ingredients. A perfect option to take to the beach and enjoy it: the Jamón Gran Reserva, brie and arugula sandwich.

It is one of the most chosen options by diners to make a good appetizer or a quick but quality meal. In addition, it can be eaten either warm or cold, so it is ideal to take to the office, on a picnic or to the beach, as in this case.

A combination of ingredients that gives us an explosion of flavors in the mouth. Of course, our star ingredient cannot be missing: Enrique Tomás Gran Jamón Gran Reserva, popularly known as Jamón Gran Reserva.

Discover how to prepare this delicious sandwich.

Sandwich de jamón serrano y queso brie
Jamón Gran Reserva and brie cheese sandwich

Melon with Jamón on skewers

If there is a perfect dish for summer, it is melon with jamón. A perfect harmony thanks to the combination of the sweetness of the melon in contrast with the intense and salty flavor of the Jamón Gran Reserva. But do you know the trick to prepare this recipe to go? Make it in the form of a skewer! The skewer makes it easy to eat with few ingredients and is ideal for the “beach” moment. Refreshing and delicious!

Recetas healthy para el verano
Summer healthy recipes

Light salads

Summer is the season par excellence for salads and they have a great advantage: they can be eaten cold and are ideal to take with you. If you are passionate about light salads, we recommend the Summer Fruit and Jamón Salad, Lentil and Vegetable Salad or the Enrique Tomás Summer Salad.

Gazpachos or cold soups for your beach meals

With the heat it is also ideal to have cold soups or creams such as salmorejo, gazpacho or melon soup. All these recipes provide hydration and are delicious. In addition, if you prepare them to take out, you can put them in a glass jar with a stopper and you will only have to open and drink them.

Enrique Tomás spring rolls

Spring rolls are a typical dish of Chinese gastronomic culture, but at Enrique Tomás we wanted to give them a twist. We have made a culinary proposal adapted to Mediterranean cuisine and in line with a healthier and balanced diet, but without having to give up the flavor. The result: a dish that you can use for your daily meals and that stands out for its originality and combination of flavors.

We have decided to replace the pasta wrapper with blanched cauliflower leaves and inside the roll add a filling based on seasonal vegetables such as carrots, onions or leeks accompanied by a handful of mushrooms and, of course, pieces of Iberian ham (jamón ibérico). You can prepare them the day before going to the beach and eat them cold the next day!

We show you how to prepare these spring rolls.

Rollitos de primavera con jamón
Springrolls with Jamón

5 tips on beach meals

After introducing you to the recipes, it’s important to remember these 5 tips on take-out recipes. Actually, they are more of a reminder because I’m sure most of you already know them, but it’s important to keep them in mind when preparing take-out meals.

  • Include foods that can be eaten cold.
  • Avoid sauces such as mayonnaise, “all i oli”, and tomato or ketchup. If you have to take them with you, do it apart, of course in the refrigerator and use them at the moment you are going to eat to avoid food poisoning.
  • All foods containing eggs such as mayonnaise, all i oli, omelettes, etc. should be eaten as soon as they are taken out of the refrigerator.
  • Avoid aluminum foil, cling film, plastic bottles and bags and use paper and glass instead. It is better to leave these wrappings aside because they transfer to the food. In addition, if you carry any, it is very important not to leave them on the beach. You should deposit them at the nearest recycling point and thus contribute to protect and conserve the environment!
  • Do not forget to bring plenty of water and hydrate frequently, it is also good to consume foods with a high water content such as summer fruits like watermelon or melon.

Enjoy the summer and the beach! Above all, well accompanied and following a healthy and balanced diet with these beach meals. We recommend you to take a look at our recipes and choose the ones you like the most to prepare them at home. Enjoy!

Beach meals: some fresh ideas for take-outs
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Beach meals: some fresh ideas for take-outs
Here are some light and fresh recipes to take out, enjoy your beach meals with Enrique Tomás!
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Enrique Tomás S.L.
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