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Boneless Jamón/ham, all you need to know

jamón deshuesado

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Many people opt for boneless Jamón/ham for several reasons: because it is more comfortable to handle, because it is easier to cut and store… This is why at Enrique Tomás we have decided to make a post with everything there is to know about boneless ham.

We will start with your purchase, as buying a boneless Jamón/ham is a very good decision in many ways and we will explain why.

We will continue with something just as important: knowing how to preserve a boneless ham. If you do it correctly, you make sure that the meat of your piece does not turn rancid, which would affect its taste.

If you want to know what the right conditions are for storing it correctly, pay attention, at Enrique Tomás we explain everything you need to know.

Enrique Tomás Boneless Jamón/Ham

Our boneless hams are half pieces from a ham or a ham shoulder Enrique Tomás. So whether it’s Gran Reserva, iberian cebo or a boneless Iberian Jamón/ham, it doesn’t matter! If you want to buy a Jamón ham or paleta/ham shoulder with us, we guarantee that it will be of the same quality as a whole or sliced piece.

We have a specialist in the technique of deboning ham that is responsible for doing so manually, without any machine intervention at any time. The only instrument he uses is a boning knife, so that the piece is left whole, but without the bone and its hoof. Quite an art!

 Boneless Ham Parts

Boneless Ham Shoulder Parts

The processing of boneless ham pieces

Processing at Enrique Tomás is none other than cutting the pieces in half and vacuum-sealing them for sale. It seems very natural what we have just said, but it is not always what is done elsewhere.

In fact, many times these boneless pieces are composed of different loose parts, coming from different pieces and joining them in a compact block. They are then frozen to make them look like they came from one single piece.

When defrosted, it looks like a whole half Jamón/ham or paleta/ham shoulder. In addition, in this type of treatment of the pieces, it is easy to use some of lesser quality.

However, this does not happen at Enrique Tomás, because we respect everyone, from the pig and its pieces of Jamón/ham, to the consumer. That is why we only offer quality pieces at the best price.

Why buy boneless hams?

From experience, they are mainly used for bars or restaurants that have their own slicer. There are also large families who have an electric slicer at home and usually buy this format.

Although the most common thing is that, after having bought the ham shoulder or the ham, we usually go to our trusted butcher of the local market or in the neighbourhood shop and ask for it to be cut the way we like it best, thinner or something thicker etc.

However, in other countries, such as France, Germany and other Nordic countries such as Finland or Sweden, there is a greater custom of buying boneless pieces.

We believe that one of the reasons for this is because, obviously, Iberian Jamón/ham is not easy to find in these countries and because they are not in the habit of going to corner stores or market, but to large shopping centers where the products are mostly all packaged and ready to take away. That is one reason why most houses have their own slicer.

The format is somewhat subjective, since it is chosen based on each need. The most important thing is the quality. A deboned piece must be as good as a whole piece, only because it no longer has a bone, it dries out sooner if it is not consumed within a suitable time. Especially after it has been vacuum-sealed. We explain this in-depth below.

pieza de jamón deshuesado

How to preserve a boneless ham

As we have already said, boneless hams are all those legs which, as their name suggests, have had the bone removed and are in very high demand among all those who have a cutting machine at home.

The first thing you have to take into account if you have a piece of this style is that the bone helps to preserve the ham. Thus, if you buy a boneless Iberian ham or a boneless acorn-fed (Bellota) Iberian ham, these will last you less than a whole one (bon-in). Then we recommend to eat it first.

For example, an Iberian leg of seven kilograms has to be consumed in summer in a maximum of two weeks once opened. In winter, however, this period can be extended to three weeks.

As far as boneless ham is concerned, the time is considerably reduced. So in this case it is especially important that you eat a little every day.

If you buy it vacuum packed and you are not going to eat it yet, bear in mind that you can keep it unopened for up to three months. Simply store it in a dark, dry pantry with an average temperature of between 17 and 21ºC.

If you do not have a pantry, you can also store it in a kitchen cupboard but make sure it is not too close to a heat source such as the oven.

By the way, if you need to know how to cut open a Jamón/ham or how to start cutting an Iberian shoulder-Paleta, then check out these very useful articles in our blog.

How to preserve a boneless Jamón/ham once opened

As we have seen, if we keep the Jamón/ham unopened we do not need to put it in the fridge and keep it there taking up space unless temperature is high or highly changeable. However, the same does not happen once we have started our Iberian.

As soon as you take it out of the sealed package, the piece will come into contact with oxygen again and therefore the conservation process will be broken. But don’t worry! This doesn’t mean you have to gobble it up, just eat it as soon as you can. Eat some every day, then store it in an airtight lunchbox and put it in the fridge.

If you are not able to finish it and do not know what to do with the hard ham, you can either slice it in cubes to use it for different recipes, such as lentils with ham and chorizo or creamy Iberian ham croquettes, or invite your family and closest friends to eat it at home.

If you prepare some authentic Iberian dishes, some Sevillian picos (Breadsticks) or some toast with olive oil and a good wine that goes well with Jamón/ham or beer, you will see how everyone will be delighted! So, how to preserve the  Jamón/ham off the bone? The best way to keep the ham is in your belly, eat it as soon as you can!

Thanks to Enrique Tomás’ advice you are now an expert on boneless Jamón/ham. And since you know everything about these tasty pieces, all you have to do is try them. Take a look at all the delicious products in our online shop.

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Buy and keep your Enrique Tomás boneless ham. We have the best pieces of boneless ham for you.

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