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Cata de jamón Zero Cero

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At Enrique Tomás, as you know, we have been dedicated to Jamón for many years. Our concern for the product has always been based on three pillars: to provide the best quality in each range or quality, to make this gastronomic pleasure known to everyone and to care for the health of our customers from our possibilities. Following this line of action, we have now produced a Zero Cero Jamón (o,o%) for those people who must or wish to follow a diet low in calories, sugars and rich in protein. In fact, this initiative comes from the request of many of our customers who are athletes or have special dietary needs, for they must take great care of their weight and body, but who do not want to give up this gastronomic jewel or eat it more often than they usually do. This is how the Zero Cero Jamón by Enrique Tomás was born. We tell you all about it.

Do you want to enjoy the best Iberian Jamón but don’t want to neglect your figure?

Thanks to the advice of LorenaONFIT and the Enrique Tomás Jamón, it is now possible with the different qualities of 0.0% ham. All ham in general produced in the Iberian Peninsula and which is of high quality has nutritional properties beneficial to health, if eaten in moderation and always following the advice of our doctor if we should follow certain dietary guidelines to take better care of ourselves.

There have always been many myths about Jamón and its consumption, some are lies and others are truths. At Enrique Tomás, if you follow us a little, you will already know that we always talk about both and very clearly in each case, as Enrique Tomás himself explains in his book Las Grandes Mentiras del Jamón, (Big lies about Jamón) among many other publications that you will also find here.

The greatest truth of all is that it is an exquisite food, which delights our senses and accompanies us at the best moments and in all celebrations. It is a product that is not eaten to satisfy our hunger; obviously it satiates us, but it is much more, it is part of our gastronomic and social culture. It is rare not to find a plate of ham at a family gathering or even at work, at a Christmas table, at a social event. And another great truth, scientifically proven, is that ham, produced in the Iberian Peninsula, is attributed with many good nutritional properties: a source of minerals and vitamins and above all of oleic oil, so good for the creation of the so-called good cholesterol.

It is a lie to state categorically that Jamón is fattening. First of all, we should be aware of the quality of the ham in question, the quantity consumed and, of course, the frequency of consumption. Most foods are fattening if we eat them in excess; we all know that nuts and dried fruit, in general, are full of beneficial nutrients for the organism but at the same time are very calorific, so we can eat them in small daily or weekly quantities. As nutrition experts advise, even on a slimming diet, foods should not be forbidden. This does not mean that we can eat whatever we want, but we should know how much we should eat. Something similar happens with Jamón and in fact with many foods, including fruit.

Faced with this challenge, we decided to get down to work, knowing that our product was already of the highest quality, we only needed to see how to obtain Zero Cero Jamón from our pieces and we came to the conclusion that three of our types of Jamón had the best conditions for extracting it.

Where is the Jamón 0.0% obtained from?

Enrique Tomás Zero Cero Jamón is obtained from three qualities of Enrique Tomás ham from a non-Iberian ham and two Iberian hams: Gran Reserva Ham, 50% Iberian Cebo de Campo Ham and 50% Iberian Bellota Ham respectively.  And not just from any part! The ham with hardly any fat, no calories and high protein value is obtained from the inner central part of the Jamón, previously boned ande deffated by the hand of our experts.

Jamón Gran Reserva Zero Cero

Our Gran Reserva is a top seller and already well known among our regular customers. It is a non-Iberian ham, or as it is commonly called a Serrano ham, and it is one of the best on the market, not too salty and smooth on the palate, so much so that it is liked by the whole family. The result is a very tender and lean ham, with excellent properties that make it ideal for any low-calorie diet. When you buy Gran Reserva Zero Cero Ham you get a totally light ham with the same juiciness as always.

Sachet Jamón Zero Cero -80 gr

Jamón 50% Iberian Cebo de Campo Zero Cero

The 50% Iberian Cebo de Campo Ham is one of the most special hams because it is both a free-range and a farm ham. It has been fed both cereals mixed with herbs and wild fruits from the countryside as an adult. It is a step between the Gran Reserva and the Ibérico de Bellota. Buying the 50% Iberian Zero Zero Cero Cebo de Campo Ham means getting the best value for money, with the highest quality.

Sobre Jamón zero cero
Sachet de Jamón de Cebo de Campo 50% Ibérico – 80 gr

Jamón de Bellota 50% Ibérico Zero Cero

This is one of the best hams in the world, the Iberico de Bellota ham.  Its nutritional properties are excellent and one of the healthiest options, especially if you want to buy Jamón Ibérico de Bellota Zero made especially for you to enjoy its super qualities such as the B vitamins, the large amount of oleic oil it contains, unsaturated fatty acids, etc.  Like all Zero Cero hams, this ham is extracted from the boneless centre of Jamón de Bellota, closest to the bone, where there is no external fat and the little fat that remains comes naturally from the unique capacity of the Iberian breed to infiltrate the fat into the muscle and, in this particular case, from the acorns that the Iberian pig has ingested during the Montanera.

Sobre de Jamon Bellota Zero Cero
Sachet de Jamón de Bellota 50% Ibérico – 80 gr.

Properties of Enrique Tomás Zero Cero Jamón according to quality

If want to check with real data the nutritional properties of each type of ham, here you have the table of properties.

G.Reserva Normal %

Ibério Normal %

Bellota Normal %
Energy value 154,4 192 -19% Energy value 145,2 305,6 -52% Energy value 174,24 291,208 -40%
Total fat 3,84 9,6 -60% Total fat 3,44 22,32 -84% Total fat 4,96 21,68 -77%
Saturated fats 1,28 3,84 -66% Saturated fats 1,36 9,568 -85% Saturated fats 1,76 8,504 -79%
Carbohydrates 0,32 0 100,0% Carbohydrates 0,48 0,88 -45% Carbohydrates 0,48 0,432 -11%
Sugars 0,32 0 100,0% Azúcares 0,48 0,64 -25% Sugars 0,48 0,312 -53%
Proteins 29,6 26,4 12% Proteins 28,08 25,84 8% Proteins 31,92 23,44 36%
Salt 3,6 4 -10% Salt 4,84 3,176 52% Salt 4,04 3,84 5%

Offer on an ideal combination of Zero Cero Ham Packs

All Zero Cero Jamón types are delicious and we invite you to try each of them and alternate them. We have prepared some convenient packs so you can take advantage of this great offer.

sliced jamón
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Zero Zero Ham/jamón now exists thanks to Enrique Tomás. If you follow a strict diet in calories and high in proteins, this is the solution if you don't want to give up the delicious ham.

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