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Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with Jamón Ibérico!

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St. Patrick’s Day is certainly a celebration of Irish culture, yet it is now celebrated by many people throughout the world, Irish and non-Irish alike, with food, drinks and all things GREEN. We invite you this year to try also the dry-cured meats of the best quality by the hand of Enrique Tomás.

Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with Iberian cured meats at promotional prices

As an international festivity, Enrique Tomás wants also be part of it, bringing his iberian delicacies to the joy of this green party. We propose you to put more colours on your table with our delicious products, but don’t worry you will find also Green among our offer.

Enrique Tomás is well known by his commitment to quality towards the products in his stores and the best customer service; for our philosophy is that our customers enjoy eating good jamón and that should be the one they like the most, and not the most expensive one. Eating  Jamón Serrano, Jamón Ibérico de  Cebo, Jamón de Bellota or Jamón Pata Negra shall be a pleasure for everyone’s palates regardless of one’s preferences.

Go green with Enrique Tomás

Any Iberian platter with cured meats worthwhile serving and sharing with your friend and family should be accompanied with Jamón. If you want to learn more how to prepare a delicious platter here you will learn how and what do you need to be congratulated.

You may serve the chorizo, the lomo and the tasty salchichón as appetizers along with a plate of delicious “greenJamón  with the Green Label which by Enrique Tomas is undoubtedly the best non Iberian Jamón that can be found in the market, Jamón Gran Reserva, more popularly known as Jamón Serrano. This pig was born and raised in a farm following an orderly and compensated diet and the result is a healthy, simple but delicious product.

We have more colours to fill your St. Patrick’s Party with: White for a half Iberian pig fed with cereals,  Jamón Iberico de Cebo, Red for half Iberian pig fed with acorns during four months for the period called “Montanera”, Jamón Ibérico de Bellota and finally, Black for the 100% Iberian pig or better known as Jamón Pata Negra.  And all these delicacies accompanied by Spanish wines and cavas only make the icing on the cake.

Find below some good suggestions for your celebration, you will be delighted…


Mix Chorizo y Salchichón Ibérico de Vela

Buy Mix Salchichón and Chorizo

Comprar Paleta Gran Reserva Enrique Tomás

Buy Ham Shouler Gran Reserva

Pack Ahorro de Paleta Pata Negra Enrique Tomás

Buy Pata Negra +wine

Vino Blanco Raventos Alella

White wine Raventós de Alella

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Celebrating St. Patrick's Day with Jamón Ibérico and Spanish Wines! Special promotional offer until 31st March!


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