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Christmas hampers with ham and cured meats

cestas de jamón 100%

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Most Spanish companies give their workers a Christmas hampers with ham and cured meats and more goodies as a symbol of gratitude for the effort made throughout the year. However, it is not only the big companies that do this. If you want to thank someone for their unconditional support, give them one of our Christmas hampers with the best ham and delicious sausages and you’ll see what an expression they make!

How are Enrique Tomás’ ham Christmas hampers like?

Our offer of Christmas hampers is composed of several types thereof and differ from each other by the type of ham or ham shoulder that compose them. The cured meats of all the hampers is the same, the best Iberian meats! and the ham is available in various qualities.  We present some but there are many more and can also be made to taste of the consumers and according to their budget. That said, our Christmas hampers are:

Christmas hamper with Gran Reserva -Serrano Ham

Christmas hampers with Iberico cebo ham

Christmas hamper with Iberian cebo campo ham

Christmas hamper with 100% Iberian Bellota Ham

Version of Christmas hampers with ham shoulder

Of course we have Christmas hampers with a ham shoulder if you like it better. There are also the same possibilities, here are some:

Chrismas hamper with Paleta -Ham shoulder- Gran Reserva

Cesta con Paleta de Cebo de Campo Ibérica

Cesta con Paleta Bellota 100% ibérica

comprar Cesta Navidad con Paleta ibérica 100% de bellota

Next to the piece of ham or ham shoulder our hampers have Iberian chorizo, Iberian lomo and iberian salchichón. As well as Sevillian Breadsticks, soft nougat Jijona, hard nougat typical of Alicante, Cava Juve Camps Nature and red wine Basagoiti Crianza. As you can see, they don’t lack anything!

No matter what you choose, the cured sausages are that of the Iberian breed raised and cured in our country. The ability to infiltrate the fat in the muscle of Iberian pigs gives the sausages a unique flavor! Therefore, when it comes to choosing, you have to look at the type of ham you want and the budget you have. Whatever you choose, you will be thrilled! But do we only have Christmas hampers? Of course not!

What other gifts with ham and cured meats can we make at Christmas?

In addition to the typical hampers of these coming dates, in Enrique Tomás we have other original gifts with ham to give to lovers of this delicious delicacy. They are:

Bellota tasting box

The taste of Salamanca acorn-fed (bellota) Iberian ham has nothing to do with the taste of the Iberian ham from Cordoba. On the other hand, the weather conditions in each area give the curing some nuances or others. That’s why there’s no one Iberian ham better than another, they’re all unique! If you don’t know which is the best option to choose is to bet on a tasting box like this one. You will be able to taste the best Iberian of the four origins!

Caja Cata Pata Negra Enrique Tomás

The book of experience

Thanks to this book you will also be able to taste the best Iberian ham from the four origins. Also, you will find the Gran Reserva ham, the highest quality made with white pigs. What makes this gift different from the previous one is that, in addition to the product, it contains additional information about each one of them in eight languages. It is the only book in the world that can be eaten!

mejores regalos para los amantes del jamon

Ham and wine pack

But if you’re sure you like best the ham shoulder, this is the gift you’ve been looking for! In addition to the ham shoulder, you’ll be able to enjoy ham cubes, shavings, Sevillian breadsticks and the best red wine. You’ll be buying a perfect pack to serve as an aperitif!

Having said that, what are you waiting for? Have you already decided which Christmas hamper with ham and sausages are you going to buy? In the midst of so much offer, you will surely find the perfect one to give as a present to those who deserve it the most! You’ll tell us how was it like!

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If you want to enjoy the best Christmas hampers with ham and sausages, you've come to the right place! Enrique Tomás will find the perfect hamper!

Otros idiomas: Español Français Deutsch Italiano


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