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Depurative diet to start the autumn

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Autumn begins and summer vacation is long behind us. We have left behind the excesses, the abuse of the sun, the tapas, the snacking at any time, the sugary desserts and cocktails . All that, if we do not compensate with some exercise, it is possible that we have taken its toll, but no panic! These extra kilos/pounds that we have brought with us along with our luggage can be easily eliminated with some purification of the body. On the other hand, we also need to face the seasonal change ahead of us with strength and feel vital come what may. In Enrique Tomás we help you to face all this with a good cleansing of the body. Choose a cleansing diet to start the fall and return to the routine with more vitality and energy.

What is a depurative diet?

The word depurative comes from Latin and means “to cleanse” and “to purify”. It is used in the naturopathic field linked to the renewal of the body and mind through food. Nowadays it is very fashionable the natural and organic products, sure you know “the detox diet” or “detox” drinks, it is just another way to call the cleansing or detoxifying diet.

It is especially recommended to carry out this type of diets at the beginning of spring or in autumn. As they are transitional seasons, our body appreciates the changes to be carried out without abruptness and it is when we can best help our immune system to be reinforced for the changes that are to come.

Mainly the arrival of autumn is more difficult because we are used to being away from home a lot, to not cooking and now we are going towards the opposite, to stay more indoors because daylight is getting shorter and shorter too. To purify there is no reason to speed things up necessarily although many people do. Yet, our mood will be affected and we should not fight against it to successfully complete the diet. It is best to make a diet changing some foods for others and increase fluid intake. Alcohol and soft drinks do not count! Even so, if you do not see things clear, pay a visit to nutrition specialist to give you all the keys to the best cleansing diet for you.

After summer detox recipes

What should be taken into account in a cleansing diet?


The best is always to use seasonal products of the Mediterranean diet and prepare seasonal dishes: soups and creams of vegetables such as celery, turnip, fennel, pumpkin, carrots, broccoli, among others. If you cannot give up rice or pasta, we recommend that they are wholemeal and that you consume them in moderate quantity, being wholemeal they are richer in fiber, vitamins and minerals, besides having fewer calories.

As for seasonal fruit, you can make juices for example orange juice with lemon is highly recommended for its high Vitamin C content. You can also opt for a more original one combining fruits and vegetables: such as celery, apple, carrot, ginger…and add a tea spoon of cinnamon.

Add green leafy vegetables to your daily diet. They have an excellent depurative character thanks to their antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. These include lettuce, spinach, chard, etc.

There are many combinations and recipes too, but our advice is that you try and look for the ones you like the most because, as we said before, the important thing is that your mood goes with you and you feel good.

But as we said, look for the products that you like the most! among the wide range of possibilities that exist, both vegetables and fruits and vegetables. Here are some ideas of recipes for your cleansing diet: healthy and delicious.

After-summer detox recipes

How to lift your spirits: key ingredients for the return to routine.

The most typical autumn recipes

State of mind

Although it may seem otherwise, a detox diet will help you regain energy and mood. If you take care of yourself, your body will thank you and you will have a better start of autumn, and of course, all the energy to face a long winter. To complete it, combine your diet with physical activity. Choose what you feel most comfortable doing: walking, jogging, practicing sports, etc. Everything will be good for both your physical and mental health.

Iberian jamón in your healthy diet

And how could it be otherwise, from Enrique Tomás we invite you to liven up your soups, creams or vegetable recipes with jamón, and if it is in the form of shavings, the flavor will be even more intense. Yes, that is right! As supported by scientific studies, 100% Iberian acorn jamón (Jamón de Bellota ibérico) is not only a delight for the palate but a superfood with its high level of oleic acid and a lipid profile that gives it anti-inflammatory power. See our post: The health benefits of Iberian jamón and discover all its nutritional properties.

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The cleansing diet that prepares you for the arrival of autumn and cold. To gain energy and courage after the heat and excess weight that we may have gained in summer..

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