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Difference between tenderloin and stuffed tenderloin

Lomo - Glossary Enrique Tomás

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He is known as the king of the Spanish cured meats and it is that, to know the difference between cane loin and sausage loin is simpler than it seems so, if you have ever wondered what makes the two products different, we have the answer, they are the same. Pork loin is the meat that is extracted from the top of the pig and that, once it has been mixed with spices and stuffed, is called stuffed pork loin or marinated pork loin.

However, do not confuse the stuffed loin or cane loin with the head of loin because in this case are NOT synonymous. Let’s explain everything carefully to avoid confusing them.

What is the cane of loin or stuffed loin and what is the head of loin

As previously mentioned, the cane and the loin are exactly the same, only one is stuffed and the other is not. Iberian pork loin is the name given to the meat of the Iberian pig located at the top of the loin. Once this piece is put in the intestine and is stuffed, it is called “lomo embuchado” or “lomo adobado” (marinated loin) because, in addition to being stuffed, it has to be mixed with different spices.

To stuff the Iberian pork loin you only have to extract the meat from the authentic Iberian pigs and stuff it and after two or three months of curing, it will be ready. As you can see, unlike other types of cured meats such as chorizo or salchichón, in order to prepare this, it is not necessary to manipulate the meat very much, which is why it is said to be one of the most natural.

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Chorizo and sausage are prepared by mixing different types of pork cuts but, on the contrary, the loin is produced by a single piece. The head of the loin, which we have already explained is a different product to the stuffed loin, is also prepared with a single cut that is also extracted from the loin but from the area closest to the head, which is located next to the spine just below the tickles. To prepare the head of the loin follows exactly the same process as for the loin: it is mixed with spices, stuffed and hung for about two or three months to cure.

Texture and taste

In terms of taste, it must be borne in mind that the marinated loin is considered more noble than the head of loin because it is less fatty, but this does not mean that the latter is bad. As everything, for tastes the colors. To enjoy both products, just cut a few slices of bread, toast them a little and bathe them with a little olive oil. If you want, you can also prepare a platter of dry cured sausages and combine them with a little chorizo, salchichón or even with Iberian ham.

So, now that you know the difference between tenderloin and stuffed tenderloin as well as head of loin, you’ll be able to give them to yourself. At Enrique Tomás we have been marketing ham and other Iberian pork products for over thirty years, but we don’t just want to sell them, we want the culture that surrounds them to reach every corner!

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If you want to know what the difference is between tenderloin and stuffed tenderloin, here you have all the information. They're the same, but why are they called differently? Find out!

Otros idiomas: Español Deutsch Italiano


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