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Enrique Tomás is also woman

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Today we celebrate International Women’s Day and Enrique Tomás also wants to commemorate it, especially because women make up 54% of our staff compared to 46% of men. Among all of them, one stands out for being the person who began with Enrique Tomás this journey of taking the Jamón to everyone and that from the first day is the woman and employee of his greatest confidence, Maria Rosario Ruiz Montero, known as “La Rosi”. Rosi is the Head of the Production and Quality Department of Enrique Tomás, the most important section for being key in the main activity of the company as is the slicing and packaging for the distribution of jamón and all sliced products to Enrique Tomás stores. If anyone is irreplaceable for Enrique in our company, that person is Rosi and we all share that feeling. Now we’ll explain why!

Interview with Rosi, Head of the Production and Quality Department and colleague

When the Marketing Department of the company decided to make a small tribute on International Women’s Day to a companion of the company, the unanimous cry of “La Rosi” was resounding. There was no discussion. She is our boss in the most demanding section of the company, both physically and in terms of organizational capacity and dedication. Our activity branches out into many needs as a company, but it is based fundamentally on one that is the quality control of our king product, Jamón and the production of all the packaging to be distributed in the 110 stores that we have distributed both here and outside Spain. Although we don’t like to think like this, it is still a reality: many without knowing Rosi, would think that this position is covered by a man, for the responsibility and above all for the physical part of the position. However, when Enrique Tomás simply met her and saw her working at the Mercado de La Salut more than 30 years ago, he was clear about it. He needed her for his great project for the future!

We meet Rosi in our quality centre and we see her in the middle of the hams hanging, smelling and checking how the curing is going and where they are:

  • Tell us about your role, Rosi.

    “I dedicate myself to the quality control of the jamón pieces and also to the production chain”.

  • How did you start in Henry Thomas?

 “I was working at the Mercado de la Salut, in Badalona, in the competition of Enrique Tomás and one day, Enrique approached me and told me that he wanted me for his new store, I at first did not want because I had a permanent job contract where I was working by the time. I proposed him one of my partners, but Enrique told me I want you or none. In the end he convinced me and here I am.”

  • How would you define Enrique Tomas company in a nutshell?

“All heart”

  • And its founder, Enrique Tomás?

“Well, the same. I would add kindness, family. That’s why I’m still here.”

  • It’s obvious that you like your work, but it hasn’t been easy to combine it with family life, has it?

“Easy has not been , true, but I suppose that as with all jobs, being a woman and with responsibilities inside and outside the home, it has not always been easy but I am very happy because I enjoy my work and I take it very seriously. The main thing is to enjoy what you do, and for sure the people around you will notice it too.”

We have to follow her because she doesn’t stop for a minute, and she takes us to the other part where she spends many hours, the centre for slicing, selecting and packaging jamón and other sliced meats.

  • Would you start all over again, in the same job?

“If I put everything positive ahead, yes of course, plus the years have flown by and I still enjoy what I do.

We guess now that you have understood better who is this woman and companion “La Rosi”. She is someone we admire and respect very much. Yet, in Enrique Tomás there are also many more women who stand out in managerial positions, we have a Marketing Director, a Purchasing Director, a Logistics Director, a Human Resources Manager, a Project Manager and many other store managers and direct business partners of Enrique Tomás. In addition, there are more store staff women in general than men. We are proud to say that Enrique Tomás is also woman.


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Sliced Jamón
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Enrique Tomás is also a woman. In our company we have 54% women compared to 46% men. We explain everything below! Get ready for a nice time!

Otros idiomas: Español


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