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Exclusive Offer for Valentine’s Day: The Enrique Tomás Food and Wine Basket

San Valentín 2021 Cesta Maridaje

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We are approaching the most officially romantic day of the year, February 14, Valentine’s Day, and this year, as it falls on a Sunday, many will have a public holiday and will be able to enjoy it for longer and in peace and quiet with their partners. This is good news, especially in times when good news is so scarce. Enjoying ourselves in times of pandemic, such as the ones we are living through, is very difficult, but we have to find the way and the moment if they come, especially if it is to share with our better half, and show our love and dedicate the time he or she deserves.

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Restrictions and bad news continue to haunt us every day and it is difficult to lift our spirits and the desire to celebrate. But that is precisely why we should more than ever enjoy what really matters to us, our family, our partner, telling them with gestures, giving them a breakfast in bed for two or a meal with your favourite dishes, or if you are very romantic, then with a dinner in the style of a Hollywood film with candles, hearts and background music. Enrique Tomás gives you all the possibilities to surprise and celebrate Valentine’s Day! For this we offer you our Jamón and white or red wine pairing basket as a gift or as a present. If you prefer that we bring you the jamón on a tray, with cava, wine and more things ready to sit at the table, we also do it for you, just click here and download our app (only in Barcelona available)


This pairing basket contains three packets of our tasty 50% Iberian Cebo Ham, sliced, and a bottle of pairing wine, white or red, made especially for pairing with our delicious ham, and some Picos Sevillanos to cleanse the palate. Both the red and white wines have been chosen and elaborated by and for Enrique Tomás. They accompany the ham to perfection and, more importantly, you can enjoy the pleasure of tasting both without one interfering with the other. What more could you ask for! Oh yes, the Picos Sevillanos are the ideal complement to cleanse the palate and prepare it for the new slice…you will save money when you buy it from the 8th to the 14th of February, as an exclusive offer for Valentine’s Day. Take advantage of it!

And if you want to buy other original gifts, there are plenty more to choose from in our online shop…

San Valentín sin precio oferta
Surprise your partner with the best Jamón. Only few days available
Sliced jamon
Tipo de servicio
Sliced jamon
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Enrique Tomás S.L.,
Holanda 27,Badalona,Barcelona-08917,
Telephone No.+34933838485
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Finally comes a good news, a day to celebrate with your partner to tell him/her with gestures and a good table and if it is with ham, even better!

Otros idiomas: Español Français Deutsch Italiano


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