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False myths that Jamón Ibérico is fattening

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There are some myths surrounding Spanish Jamón and the implications of including it in our regular diet. On many occasions, it is perceived as a product that you should not eat if you follow a healthy diet. Or simply, it is seen as a whim that you can only have on specific days. Well, this is not so. In this post, we are going to break the false myths that Iberian ham is fattening and we are going to tell you about the benefits of this food so that you do not have to give it up as part of your healthy and balanced diet.

The properties of Jamón Ibérico

Jamón ibérico can complete our dishes with healthy fats and proteins, as it is a protein food in itself. This macro-nutrient is essential for our bone structure. It also provides us with micronutrients such as B vitamins, minerals such as iron and zinc, all of which are necessary for our organism. In this regard, we recommend our post: Properties of the Iberiam Ham

Is the fat in Jamón Ibérico fattening?

In general, there is a phobia of fats because they are considered to be responsible for all our health problems and/or weight gain. The truth is that our body needs healthy fats to function correctly and, above all, a woman’s body, which has metabolic functions where fat is necessary for everything to work correctly.

Internal fat

It is true that not all fats are good. In the case of ham, the one we should make the most of is the infiltrated fat, the one that can be seen on the inside of the slices. This, as well as making the flavour and texture exquisite, forms the ham’s healthy fat and provides us with numerous health benefits and contributes to strengthening our immune system.

Ourter fat

On the other hand, we must not overuse the outer fat, which only has a protective and preserving function. This fat is that which envelops the Jamón and must be removed when slicing it, leaving at most a very thin edge. This fat should not detract from the flavour of the fat infiltrated in the Jamón and too much of it could make it difficult to eat as it is more harder to chew.

In short, Iberian ham is a gourmet product and a marvel of Spanish gastronomy and, despite what many believe, this type of Jamón, which comes from Iberian breed pigs, is a food with a healthy fat content and high in vitamins and proteins.

Although it contains streaks of fat inside each slice, this does not mean that this product provides us with an excess of fat or unhealthy fats, known as saturated fats; on the contrary, it is a product that provides us with healthy fats, known as unsaturated fats, because they are infiltrated in the muscle.

If you want to know more about whether the fat in Iberian ham is fattening, we recommend the post on: Is the fat in Jamón ibérico unhealthy?

How can Jamón Ibérico be included in a healthy diet?

The basis of a healthy diet should focus on the intake of real, quality food, which is what will provide us with macronutrients, such as carbohydrates, proteins and healthy fats, and micronutrients such as vitamins and minerals.

If we consider our body’s need to include protein of vegetable or animal origin in all meals, it is obvious that Iberian ham can be a protein option of animal origin for our daily meals. In addition, acorn-fed ham contains oleic acid, the same as that found in olive oil itself. This type of unsaturated fat has a positive effect on our organism, reducing risk factors such as cholesterol and helping the immune system to strengthen its defences. Read more about it in: “The role of Iberian ham in your heart-healthy diet

Healthy recipes with Iberian ham

Iberian ham forms part of our Mediterranean diet and is one of the most typical and traditional foods in Spanish gastronomy. It can be used to make an infinite number of tasty, delicious and, of course, healthy recipes.

There are thousands of ideas to inspire you to include this intensely flavoured and exquisite product in your diet: ham sandwich for breakfast or a snack, green asparagus with Jamón, scrambled egg with potato and ham… It is also the ideal condiment for salads, creams and many other dishes.

Here are some specific suggestions for you to add your own personal touch and that’s it!

Creams with Jamón

Creams are a safe bet for any lunch or dinner, as a main dish or as an accompaniment. They are usually prepared with a vegetable base and to make them more complete we recommend adding protein foods rich in healthy fats such as Iberian ham.

Salads with Jamón

What we like most about salads is that you can use whatever ingredients you fancy, combining plant and animal foods that provide us with protein, healthy fats and energy. You have to make sure that the mix of ingredients is delicious and healthy at the same time. With that, success is assured. Here are some examples.

Pasta or pulses with Jamón

Pulses or pasta with Jamón are a more than classic combination and the result is usually delicious. Add vegetables such as tomato, green pepper, red pepper or carrot to the dish, and their nutritional properties will be ideal for a complete meal.

Original and healthy recipes

There are times when we like to innovate and be creative in the kitchen, without giving up preparing a healthy dish. In this case, there are culinary proposals that can fit into a healthy and balanced diet, while at the same time being original, such as tomato, Iberian Jamón and Parmesan carpaccio, Jamón tartar or Jamón and avocado uramaki.

Now that we’ve busted the myths about Iberian ham being fattening and you know that it is compatible with your healthy, balanced diet, check out our online shop and find out more about it, whether it is 50% or 100% Iberian ham, and start including it in your usual recipes, because as well as being delicious, it also has numerous health benefits.

False myths that Iberian ham is fattening
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False myths that Iberian ham is fattening
Is Iberian ham / Jamón ibérico fattening? We tell you about its benefits and why you shouldn't give it up as part of your healthy, balanced diet.
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