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Getting back into the routine after the holidays

Recuperar la rutina después de las fiestas navideñas

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We have already talked on several occasions about the return to routine and how to adopt healthier habits, in this case we tell you what are the keys to recover the routine after the Christmas holidays. At the beginning of a new year we all set new goals and challenges to meet, whether related to personal, family, work, new projects, and of course, health. In addition, the excesses in food and increased sedentary lifestyle during the Christmas season make us consider resuming a more active and healthy life at the beginning of the year.

Re-establishing the eating routine

One of the most important points is food. It is the basis of our life and is responsible for providing energy and nutrients to our bodies. A healthy diet is a fundamental pillar for good health and disease prevention. Where do we come from? From a time when we tend to over-consume saturated fats, salt and sugars, probably accompanied by a low level of physical activity. This makes us feel heavier, fatigued and less encouraged to face the routine. How to deal with it? Recovering the daily food routine: balanced, varied and satisfactory. We give you some tips to carry it out.

Practice the “Mediterranean Diet”.

One of the healthiest diets catalogued by the WHO. The Mediterranean diet is much more than a dietary pattern, over the years it has become a healthy lifestyle highly recommended by medical experts around the world. Its DNA includes recipes, ways of cooking, local products and other healthy habits such as the siesta or the sociable nature of individuals to share meals or dinners. Some of the health benefits include lowering cholesterol levels, preventing obesity and overweight, regulating intestinal transit, the antioxidant effect and promoting quality of life.

Dieta mediterránea
Mediterranean Diet

Organization of the weekly menu and “Batchcooking”.

Resuming the usual eating schedules and weekly menus is basic to recover the routine after the Christmas holidays. To do this, it is necessary to plan and organize. A fundamental tool for a healthy and balanced diet is batchcooking. Do you know it? In this post we tell you everything you need to know to start practicing it: what is batchcooking and what are its advantages.

Its main advantages are:

  • Save time cooking.
  • Prepare nutritionally complete and varied dishes.
  • Plan your weekly shopping and save on products that are not necessary.
  • Learn to optimize resources and to preserve food properly.
Batch Cooking

The detox

As we have said, after living periods of excesses such as summer vacations, Christmas, etc., we tend to increase the consumption of less healthy foods and sugars. Detox recipes will help our body to eliminate these toxicities acquired and accumulated in the body. Regarding the “detox” concept, many doubts arise. For example, does following a detox diet imply eating only smoothies? It doesn’t have to! We recommend you to go to a nutrition professional for advice on how to carry out a diet of this type.

In our blog we leave you some detox recipes that are composed of cleansing ingredients such as fruits, vegetables or cereals. Some of these dishes are some kind of salads, vegetable or fruit based recipes, creams etc. Thanks to the contribution of vitamins and natural antioxidants, they also achieve good results: Detox recipes.

The role of Jamón in the return to routine

Do you still have ham left over from the Christmas holidays or are you one of those who finished it the first few days? If you ran out, buy your favorite jamón in our online store because we are going to tell you how to incorporate it into your healthy eating routine. Learn about the health benefits it can have and break the false myths about jamón.

Iberian ham can complete our dishes in healthy fat and protein because, in itself, it is a protein food. An essential macro-nutrient for our bone structure. It also provides us with micronutrients such as B vitamins, minerals such as iron or zinc, all of which are necessary for our organism. In this regard, we recommend our post on: Nutritional properties of jamón.

There are thousands of ideas that can inspire you to include this product of intense and exquisite flavor in your diet. Here are some of them: 8 healthy recipes with Iberian jamón.

Getting back into the physical activity routine

Physical activity is also a fundamental pillar to get back into the routine after the holidays and maintain an active and healthy life. It is important to choose a physical activity that you like and enjoy. Active leisure is what works best: jogging, walking, going to the gym, cycling, doing a specific sport, etc. Being able to share these types of activities with friends or colleagues is most effective.

Establish a plan that suits your needs, goals and your day-to-day life. Start slowly if it has been a while since you have done a regular physical activity and if you have doubts contact a specialist to carry out your training plan.

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Getting back into the routine after the holidays
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Getting back into the routine after the holidays
How to adopt healthier habits to recover the routine after the Christmas holidays. In this post we tell you. Resume a healthy diet and physical exercise.
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Enrique Tomás S.L.
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Otros idiomas: Español Français Deutsch Italiano


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