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Ham carving expert

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On the one hand, the profession of ham master is one. The work and experience of this profession will guarantee us the excellence and the highest quality of a ham or ham shoulder. On the other hand, when we speak of ham carving expert, we refert to the person who “carves”, slices the ham and who masters this art. So, they are trades that should not be confused. A bad ham cut can spoil the meticulous work of many months of a master ham maker. On the contrary, a good cut can in turn enhance the aromas and texture of the ham in question.

Our ham carving experts

In Enrique Tomás we work with the best, mostly trained by ourselves, in our school with many years of experience. The experience given by the daily work of cutting and packing the pieces in our facilities and of course in our shops.

Our ham carving experts and special events

A long-distance experience like ours had to serve us not only to teach but also to show it as a great spectacle that it is. Seeing a ham cut well and serving it on a plate for the delight of the palate is an art. For this reason, we have an events department whose star service is of course the slicing of a ham by the hand of one of our experts.

Events for business or special celebrations

This showy activity can be hired for any private or public event. Whether for companies, congresses, weddings, birthdays, anniversaries.  Everything is possible, from larger budgets to smaller ones. Quality is always excellent, because at Enrique Tomás we assure you of two things. The first, the best ham is not the most expensive but the one you like the most and the second, our total guarantee will give you peace of mind that you will always have a product of the highest quality and of course to your liking.

If the event requires maximum exclusivity, Enrique Tomás also offers you exclusive products such as Glamurós Iberian products. The Glamurós label is worn by the pieces that have been specially selected by our master ham makers. To be part of this selection, the pieces must stand out in all aspects, be the best of the best. If you want to check the taste of excellence and expertise of our team of ham carving experts, be sure to try a Glamurós piece or the one you prefer. Let our event coach advise you without any obligation, we only want the best for you!


Ham carving expert
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Ham carving expert
In Enrique Tomás' glossary we tell you what a ham carving expert does, practicing one more art of our rich gastronomy.
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Otros idiomas: Español Français Deutsch Italiano