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Ham shavings

Chamber of ham Enrique tomas

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Chip is a thin sheet obtained with wood or metalworking tools, is usually considered a waste and is usually coiled or spiral shaped. Although in culinary language it is applied to ham shavings, because ham shavings are a unique product that is removed from areas where you can no longer obtain slices, we explain it better!

Ham shavings

Ham shavings should never be confused with leftovers or cuttings, as nothing could be further from the truth. To make this delight, the slicer is used to make pieces of meat from which you can no longer make slices because of their proximity to the bone. For this reason, the taste of the ham shavings are more intense and stronger.

Nothing beats the appearance of a slice of freshly sliced ham, with its veins of infiltrated fat if it is an Iberian ham. Yet, the ham shavings, precisely the fat that is responsible for flavor and aroma, is more in contact with the meat. The virtue of this cut comes not only from this fact but also from the taste of the bone, which is penetrating and tasty, completely different from the rest of the piece.

Another advantage of the ham shavings is their ease of use in the kitchen. When it comes to preparing recipes with ham, the ham shavings become an ally as they can be used as an extra, eye-catching and original ingredient. Indeed, the classic ham sandwich can become a novelty if we prepare it with ham shavings, you will see how everyone enjoys it, especially the youngest at home.

In the Enrique Tomás shops you can find our famous “flautín de virutas” (Mini baguette of ham shavings) for breakfast or snacks in the middle of the afternoon. In addition to this, we also have available in our tasting bars the cones of ham shavings of different qualities.They are ideal to take with you while you take a walk around the city or to eat at the movies with popcorn!

If you prefer to take them home with you, we also have 100 gram envelopes of shavings and don’t forget that the slicing service and the Travels Packs include sachets with the shavings obtained from your piece.

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Ham shavings
Article Name
Ham shavings
Meaning of the words ham shavings, from where it is obtained and the difference between the typical ham shavings and ham slice in the Glossary of Enrique Tomás.

Otros idiomas: Español Français Deutsch Italiano

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