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Healthy summer fast food

Comidas veraniegas rápidas de preparar

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In summer, either because we are on vacation, because of the heat, because of the intensive working day or because of a combination of all these factors, we tend to be less hungry and have more appetite for refreshing and light recipes. Whether for one thing or another, we lose interest in cooking elaborate dishes and tend to opt for summer meals that are quick to cook. In this post we are going to teach you how to prepare simple and light recipes ideal for this time of the year. And the most important thing… You will have them ready in no time!

Take advantage of the time you will save cooking to go to the beach, enjoy your hobbies or share it with your family and friends, we will show you how to cook faster while eating healthy and balanced meals.

Quick summer cooking meal ideas

We usually associate “fast cooking or fast food” with less healthy dishes, but this is not the case. There are also quick and healthy summer meals to cook, such as, for example, a delicious salad full of seasonings and with all the necessary nutrients.

All the recipe options we are going to present you are based on the Mediterranean diet. This type of diet is much more than a dietary pattern, over the years it has become a healthy lifestyle highly recommended by medical experts around the world. What is it based on? The main basis of the diet are cereals and vegetables accompanied by a small amount of meat or other animal products, such as jamón.

Let’s go for the easy recipes!


Salads are the best option when we talk about quick and healthy cooking.  There are some of them that you can have ready in just ten minutes and the result is delicious and nutritionally complete. Here are some ideas:

Salad with spinach, zucchini, ricotta and jamón.

A salad based on vegetables and animal ingredients such as ricotta cheese or Iberian jamón, ready in just ten minutes! See the step by step and the reason for the choice of these ingredients in the complete recipe.

Salad with spinach, radishes, tomato, apple and jamón

This recipe combines vegetables, vegetables, fruits and cured meat, so it is very healthy because it provides us with a set of essential nutrients for our body such as vitamins, minerals, proteins and healthy fats. Discover how to prepare it in Enrique Tomás’ blog.

Summer salad of figs, parmesan and Iberian jamón

A summer salad based on arugula leaves, figs, Parmesan cheese and Iberian jamón with an olive oil and almond vinaigrette. The combination of these ingredients gives rise to a dish that fits perfectly with a healthy and light lunch or dinner perfect to prepare in a few minutes and take it anywhere: the beach, work, the pool, the park, etc. We tell you the step by step in the recipe of the blog.

Salads that are not vegetable-based can be less quick in terms of preparation time. Even so, if the base is legumes, potatoes, pasta or rice, a good option to save time is to leave the base cooked before and the vegetables cut. At the moment of cooking, you will only have to add the condiments. Here are three perfect ideas for these occasions.

Wild rice, quinoa, apple and jamón

Country salad

Lentils with vegetables and jamón Gran Reserva

Cold creams

Cantalupe melon gazpacho with jamón

We all love the combination of melon and jamón, two ingredients that give us that delicious and classic contrast between sweet and salty. In this case, we propose a very refreshing typical summer recipe where these two ingredients fit together wonderfully: melon gazpacho with jamón. If you are a fan of the classic melon with jamón, this dish will make you fall in love!

Follow the step by step and in 15 minutes you will have it ready.

Andalusian Salmorejo

One of the most delicious spoon dishes of the summer, ideal to resist the heat at this time of the year. It is of Andalusian origin, specifically, it comes from the lands of Cordoba and is usually served alone or accompanied by an ingredient that complements it and gives it uniqueness such as Iberian jamón.

Prepare it following our recipe.

Simple and quick dishes to share

Dishes to share can also be quick summer meal options. In this case, this type of recipes are ideal for occasions when we have guests at home for dinner but do not have time to cook something very elaborate. We are going to give you three options that you are sure to love: easy, delicious and healthy.

Iberian jamón carpaccio

Iberian jamón and Parmesan carpaccio is an increasingly common dish in our gastronomy. Although “carpaccio” are typical and originated in Italian cuisine, they are becoming more and more rooted in Spanish cuisine. In this case we propose to include Jamón Bellota 100% Ibérico – Pata Negra in this dish as the main ingredient. The quality of the product is unquestionable, so the taste is guaranteed to be a success in front of your guests.

Endive boats

Endive offers infinite possibilities, in fact, if we separate its leaves and place them in the shape of a “little boat” we can introduce a combination of ingredients on its surface and enjoy 100% eating them. Iberian jamón, pear, cheese and mixed nuts have been the ingredients chosen in this case, just cut them and place them on top of the endive for the dish to be ready! Discover the complete step by step.

Iberian jamón and fruit platter

Finally, we present a quick option that will give you excellent results in dinners or shared meals. The Iberian jamón platter is one of the most typical starters of our gastronomy is the variety of Iberian cold meats, Iberian jamón and cheese. In addition, if you add the most typical seasonal fruits of the summer as accompaniments, you will get a lighter, refreshing and ideal lunch or dinner for hot days. Learn how to prepare it by clicking here.

Tabla de ibéricos y frutas de temporada
Iberian cold meats and seasonal fruits

Now that in Enrique Tomás we have already introduced you to the best quick summer meals we recommend you to visit our blog and discover many more tricks about recipes, jamón and products of our gastronomy. We are waiting for you! And if these dishes have already made your mouth water and you want to add jamón to your regular diet, go to our online store.

Healthy summer fast food
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Healthy summer fast food
We tell you which are the best quick summer meals to cook. Light and healthy, you'll have them ready in no time!
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