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How long does vacuum-packed Iberian ham last

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You have probably wondered how long the vacuum-packed iberan ham lasts because it is normal for you to want to keep your dry-cured jamón in good condition for as long as possible; at Enrique Tomás we will give you the answer to this question. Find out how to take care of it and you’ll love it as if it had just been sliced.

How long can I wait to open the vacuum-packed Iberian ham?

Vacuum packaging is a preservation process that removes all air from food packaging and, by preventing it from coming into contact with oxygen, delays its shelf life while preserving all its aromas and texture.

The properly vacuum-packed jamón can last up to 90 days without opening, but remember that these slices do not need to be frozen. Why doesn’t it make sense to freeze the jamón? Very simple, because it puts an end to all the tastes of a product that has been cherished for so long to achieve excellence. When the jamón is vacuum-packed, it is a matter of postponing the expiry date and respecting its nuances without freezing it.

For example, when it comes to tasting a pack of jamón ibérico slices, Enrique Tomás offers two options: either buy one of our vacuum-packed ham sachet already cut, or, if you already have a whole ham or a ham shoulder, bring them to us so that we can cut and pack them properly, whether you have bought your product in one of our shops or not. Once you have your jamón in front of you, you will see that its color has darkened a little, but nothing happens, as soon as it opens, it will regain its usual tone. Moreover, when you pack it, you will take care of this delicacy and will have up to three months to taste it gradually.

Where to keep the vacuum-packed ham?

If you have your own vacuum-packed ham and wonder where to keep it, don’t worry, pay attention to three things:

  • Find a dry, dark place. Heat can affect the quality of the meat and therefore the best solution is to protect it from the sun or heat sources, so it is best to keep it away from the oven, for example, and keep it in a dark place. The best option is a pantry.
  • It is not necessary to keep the slices in the refrigerator. There are those who think that it is normal to keep the jamón in the refrigerator but, as we have already explained, a pantry will suffice, because it is enough to keep it in a place which does not exceed 21 ºC. If you have purchased one of our ready-to-eat packaging, you don’t need to have three kilos of jamón ibérico in the refrigerator.
  • Remember not to eat anxiously. Eating ham is a real experience and you should enjoy it in the right way. If you open a vacuum-packed bag and eat the slices right away, just let this delicacy air out before enjoying its flavour. Our advice: open a sachet, cut the bread and tomatoes or start eating Picos Sevillanos (bread breadsticks) while the ham reaches the right room temperature so that slices are naturally separated from each other and your Iberian ham will be ready for consumption. Put it in your mouth and you’ll understand why it was worth the wait.

In short, how long does the vacuum-packed iberian ham last? A maximum of three months, the question is whether you will be able wait so long without eating this delicacy. Give yourself a whim from time to time and you will see, it’s irresistible!

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Did you know how long does vacuum-packed ham last? Find out how to take care of it and you'll love it as if it had just been sliced!

Otros idiomas: Español Français Deutsch Italiano


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