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How to choose a good Jamón knife

Como se afila un cuchillo jamonero 2

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The jamón knife is as indispensable a tool in any Spanish kitchen as the paella pan. Its use is essential to cut a perfect slice of jamón. If you have any doubts and don’t know how to choose a good jamón knife, just follow Enrique Tomás’ advice! Make sure it’s a good one so as not to spoil the jamón! We will also give you some recommendations on how to start slicing.

How to choose the best jamón knife

The first thing to keep in mind is that when slicing jamón you need a jamón knife, but also tongs, a deboning knife to cut open and help to remove the rind and the yellow fat, and a honing steel or bit. Of course, you can’t forget the sharpener with which you can sharpen the knives and the jamón stand, the place where you place the jamón to cut it safely.

Cortar Jamón Enrique Tomás

The three knives must be very well sharpened and, although the jamón knife must be specific, the other two knives in the knife pack do not need to be. To remove the rind you can use any knife you have in the kitchen, as long as it has a wider blade, and to remove the meat from around the bone you can use any knife you have on hand with a narrow, short, pointed blade, so look for one with these characteristics among your own!

The sharpening steel or bit is the piece that will allow you to keep the jamón knife sharp, although it is not real knife sharpener, it will help keep you your knife in good condition if used on a weekly, daily basis. Thus, if you don’t have it, we recommend you buy it. In Enrique Tomás we offer you a set of jamón knife and sharpener steel at good price and quality.

Regarding the tongs, it should be noted that their function is more important than it seems because, although you can pick up the slices with your hands as long as you comply with safety and hygiene measures, if you use tongs you will avoid losing the fat from the jamón, something that can happen if you press each slice with your hands.

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Decisive factors in choosing a good jamón knife

The most important instrument when slicing jamón is the jamón knife. We tell you the factors you should pay attention to in order to choose one or the other and make a good buying decision.


Jamón knives are longer than normal knives so look for one that has a long, narrow and flexible blade.


Most knives are made of stainless steel, a good quality, flexible and non-corrosive material. However, their handles may or may not be made of stainless steel, as there are also those with wooden or plastic handles. It will depend on your taste and needs to bet on one or the other.

Knife tip:

Knives can end in a round or sharp point and, although the round one is less dangerous, the most common is to find them with a pointed end. However, this does not affect the cut.


The blades of the Jamón knives can be straight or honeycombed, i.e., with small waves. These serve to facilitate the separation of the slices of the knife but, as we already have tongs that help us to do this task, it is not necessary to buy a honeycombed knife. It is even better that it is not, but that it has a straight and long blade to facilitate a good sliding. And of course, well sharpened to make the perfect slice and avoid accidents by forcing.


It is the sheath with which the blade of the knives is covered and, although it is not a necessary element, it is true that it will allow you to store your knife safely without fear of hurting yourself. If the place you have chosen for your jamón knife is the drawer, where you also have the rest of your kitchen utensils, this Teflon will be even more important than it seems. On the one hand, it will ensure that you do not cut yourself when you pick it up and, on the other hand, it will ensure that the blade of your knife does not scratch when it comes into contact with another cutlery.

Believe it or not, slices of jamón cut by machine are not the same as those cut by hand, and to ensure that the latter are perfect, it is important to have good tools, which is why it is so important to know how to choose a good jamón knife.

How to start slicing jamón

The essence of eating a good jamón lies not only in the fact that it is a well-cured, good quality product, but also in the slicing technique. A good jamón cut is fundamental for getting the most out of it and revealing the authenticity of its flavor.

In the video below you will find the keys to start cutting jamón step by step.

Once you have chosen a good jamón knife and know how to cut, you will be able to prepare your Iberian jamón dishes with slices of the perfect thickness, neither too thin nor too thick. You will feel all the nuances of the Iberian jamón in your mouth while the oil cascades over your palate, enjoy this incredible sensation!

Finally, discover how to plate the jamón correctly so that the result is perfect to the eye.

Furthermore, if slicing is not your thing and you prefer to buy the jamón comfortably and perfect sliced for you, at Enrique Tomás we offer you a slicing service and different packs of sliced jamón. Visit our online store and discover them.

How to choose a good Jamón knife
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How to choose a good Jamón knife
If you want to know how to choose a good jamón knife to cut slices with total precision and get perfect results, these are the aspects you should pay attention to!
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Enrique Tomás S.L.
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