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How to choose a Jamón stand for home

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When it comes to enjoying a good Jamón, you not only have to pay attention to its quality, but you also you have to take care of the tools needed to cut it and at Enrique Tomás we are going to help you know how to buy a ham holder for your home. If you follow these recommendations, as soon as you find yours and place your piece of ham or ham shoulder on it, you will see that you have made a good choice!

Some advice on how to choose a ham stand for your home

The ham stand is an indispensable element for cutting ham and that is why it is so important to choose it properly. The aspects you have to pay attention to are:


Lightweight hams are more manageable, but they are also more unstable, and since you usually don’t have to carry them around, buy one with a thick base and rubber studs on the bottom to make sure it doesn’t slip. However, if you are going to have to move your ham holder continuously, opt for a lighter base and a holder that comes with a cover, so it will be easier to make the trip with your ham holder on your back. Some of them also have a folding arm to take up less space.

Size of the base:

This factor is not only linked to the use that will be given to the ham holder, but also to the type of product that will be consumed regularly. The longer the base, the more stable it will be, but it will not be necessary to buy a very large one if you are only going to cut ham shoulders (they are lighter and smaller that the jamón), you can opt for a smaller one.

Material it is made of:

The quality of the materials is important, regardless of whether you are going to use your ham stand a lot or not. Buy a stainless steel one and, regarding the base, you have two options: wooden or plastic base. Whichever one you choose, the important thing is that it can be easily cleaned and that it is good enough not to break at the first change.


The cost of the ham stand is closely linked to the type of material it is made of and, for example, if the base is made of solid wood it will be more expensive. Also, there are some models that have a newer design and this is also paid for. At Enrique Tomás we have three types of ham stands: one that is cheaper and simpler for domestic use, another that is intermediate for domestic use but with a more modern design and another that is more elegant and has a regulator that can be adapted to the size of the hamshoulder or ham and it rotates the ham piece so that you can move it around without taking it out completely. This last one is the most recommended for professionals.


We have just talked about the size regulator that our premium ham holder has, but this is not indispensable and will depend on the use that you are going to give it. What you do have to look for is a ham holder with a rotating spike on the top that allows you to comfortably fix it.

Buy Premium Stand for jamón

Premium Rotary Ham Stand


Finally, remember that the ham holder is a tool that, if cared for properly, usually lasts a long time, so make sure you clean it properly. You can wipe it down with a clean damp cloth bathed in water, soap and vinegar and, as soon as you finish, wipe it down with water only. Then, dry it carefully to prevent it from spoiling, and it will be as good as new when you use it!

In short, you have to pay attention to these aspects and not forget that there is no rule that determines that some hams are better than others, but this will depend on you and your needs. Follow our advice and, as soon as you start using yours, you’ll see how well you did in following our recommendations.

Enrique Tomás Ham Stands

You still haven’t chosen your ideal ham stand? At Enrique Tomás we have three types.

The Technical Mode Ham Holder is the most economical and simple for home use. It is made of Galician pine wood, with metal fittings, a practical and comfortable ham table and an accessible price.

The Deluxe Professional Ham Holder is an intermediate range for domestic use, but with a more modern design. It is made of pine wood, with natural varnish, a robust base and perfect for large hams or ham shoulders.

The Premium Rotary Ham Holder is the most elegant top-of-the-range rotary ham holder. Made of top quality pine wood, with a non-toxic lacquer finish, acorn-shaped base support lacquered in two colours, with fittings in thermo-lacquered paint, chrome swivel cap and a regulator that can be adapted to the size of the ham or shoulder. The latter is the most recommended for professionals.


Description Enrique Tomás’ Ham stands

Professional Ham Holder Technical Mode Deluxe Professional Ham Holder

Professional Premium Rotary Ham Holder

Made of Galician pine wood Made of Pine wood Pine wood
Domestic use Domestic use Professional use
Practical and easy to use Robust and comfortable Comfortable and precise
Affordable price Average price Medium-high price


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As you can see, at Enrique Tomás we are not only your perfect choice for buying ham or buying ham shoulder, but we also offer you the best ham stand to bring out the flavour of your ham. Visit our online shop and choose from our quality products!

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Find out how to choose a Jamón stand for your home and have all the information you need to make the right decision - you'll see it was a good choice!

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